Perfect Inside & Out

Not only does Jenna Lyons, creative director of J. Crew, have the most beautiful home on
 the INSIDE...which has been blogged and featured in design mags a zillion times but I'm still going to include a few pics:

All the moldings...I just want to cry a bit it's so beautiful...

She also has the most perfect OUTDOOR space. 
Her yard is just gorgeous: 

Seriously, don't you just die a bit when you look at it? It's too perfect. 
And I totally admit that when I saw this picture it immediately went into my inspiration folder - because when I have my own yard I'm going to copy it down to the last detail with absolutely no shame.

(1) Via Living Etc. as seen on Habitually Chic (2-6) As seen in Domino (7) Via Living Etc. as seen on Door Sixteen


Hello Lover... said...

I'm pretty sure she has the best life ever!

Mandy said...

Oh to live in her world.

KILLY said...

Seriously. I am unhealthily jealous of Ms. Lyons. I love this blog, by the way!

Candi said...

I love Jenna Lyon's style and space! Gorgeous pics!!!

Kay* said...

I agree with you all lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that bathroom is heavenly!

Leigha said...

Oh, envious. I love everything in this post!

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