Thinking about Lonny Images & Vignettes

Despite being an online mag, Lonny is quickly becoming one of my favourites. The pages and pages of house tours, source information literally at my finger tips, and gorgeous images always leave me inspired.

The photography really deserves a second mention.
The photography in Lonny magazine to date has been nothing short of spectacular.
Patrick Cline takes the most amazing photographs of interiors (and other things too but for the purpose of this post we'll stick with interiors). They feel fresh and modern. His eye for composition, I'm big on well composed and creative compositions, always leaves me taking second, third, and fourth looks...

Here are some of my favourite images from the June/July issue made available last week...

While this might be too much, even for me, I'm drawn to this image.
Each piece on it's own is beautiful.

Another view of the same studio apartment in the above photo - what a great layout!
I'm particularly in love with the coffee table. Of course, it's the one thing that is NOT sourced.

I so badly want to see the rest of this wall - the butterfly painting looks AMAZING!
If anyone is near this store, Jayson Home & Garden located in Chicago, and wants to stop in to take a picture of the full wall for me...go right ahead! I'd be your best blog friend forever!

This white ceramic owl reminds me of my white ceramic monkey

Hot pink candle sticks? Love it.
Also love the mixed metals.

Awesome composition

My favourite image in the entire June/July issue of Lonny!
The styling takes it to another level. Love love love.

I also notice that now when looking at images of interiors, I'm paying more and more attention to the vignettes and the details...as witnessed by my selection of photos aboved. I'm really looking at how the side table is styled. How the console table is dressed. How the art is hung. What's on the bookshelves besides books...

I'm guessing it's because now that I've bought most of my actual furniture, the big pieces, I'm starting to zero in on the details and creating interesting displays. I think this step really ties the entire space together - creating little vignettes that are interesting to look at and are pretty. Styling them in such a way that they look like they were created with intent instead of like tchotchkes you forgot to put away.
(much easier said than done!)

*All images from June/July issue of Lonny magazine


Jessica O'Brien said...

i want the table in picture #2 also! divine!!!

Anonymous said...

I love those nesting tables and I wish they posted where those were from.

Anonymous said...

i get so excited i speed through it when it comes online, and then ahe to sit back and take it alllll in

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
My name is Annie and I'm hoping we can get in touch soon. I have just recently found this blog and I immediately bookmarked your page. I love every bit of it so far. You are so intriguing....a great writer with fine taste!
I'm wondering if you could provide me with some more info on the organization that you're using for the volunteer thing. (congrats on that by the way! You keep getting more and more interesting!) I'd be so grateful for any guidance you could give me...I'm looking to get out of Toronto and do something just like this...thank you so much in advance for the help! annie_conroy@hotmail.com
take care!

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