Happiness & Black Walls

How great is this print above? Simple and to the point.
Working 9-5 for myself this week was a good plan. I got a lot crossed off of my list....
though yesterday I was a bit of a slacker ;)

It rained pretty much all day for the past two days.
It made me immensely happy as the heat has been BRUTAL to my poor arms.

Hope you all have a good weekend.
I'll be doing heading to my sister's house today to do some photography editing.
She has one of the MACs with the huge screen - perfect for editing pictures.
Funny because she totally just liked the look of it and bought it. 
Doesn't use ANY of the features on it and isn't into ANYTHING creative!
Meanwhile I trudge away on my 13" macbook. 
Waiting for her to upgrade and hand THAT down to me ;)

Also going to some kinda benefit thingy with her tomorrow.
And may go see Sex and The City 2 - which I'll drag her to. She owes me for going with her to see this.

And I just had to share these pictures from one of my regular blog reads Elements of Style.
Erin's an interior decorator and this is a sneak peek she posted this week from a project she's working on. I'm kinda in love with it. 

See more here

Erin also recently painted the back wall in her bedroom black. 

See more here

LOVE! So so great, eh?
(and doesn't her little guy look like my Howard?!)
You all know how much I love a black wall (a wall in my kitchen is black - love it)
and this is seriously tempting me to take a paint brush and my leftover black paint to my bedroom wall...

Okay. Now that's it. See ya on Monday!


by Sutton said...

i feel your pain about the small 13"!!

the design style of erin is killer, i am check her out next!!

ps~ having a missoni give-a-way on my site, check it out! http://bit.ly/9CPLy0

###### said...

he does look like howard...

Mandy said...

Have a great weekend! And I am seriously loving that black wall. LOVING.

ephemerette said...

Love that print, although my own personal diagram would probably slit down into a million more options!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

That poster is great.

Hello Lover... said...

Love her blog - her bedroom turned out absolutely amazing!

Mrs. Pink said...

Pink sofa, that is original.

Unknown said...

Hey, could you mention where I can I find that print?

Kay* said...

Hi Adrian - thought I responded to this, I remember typing out an answer...weird. Unfortunately, I can't find where it is for sale. I've google searched with no luck.

if anyone knows if this is a print that is actually available for sale please let me know so I can update this post!

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