Oh Canada!

In addition to intense job hunting (which has been taking up a lot of my time) I've been watching a lot of the 2010 Winter Olympics - and loving every moment of it. In the past I haven't watched too much of the Winter Olympics but it is being held in Canada and I am Canadian...so, you know, I kinda feel it's my duty to watch ;) and show support. Plus, I'm also super patriotic so any time Canada is competing in a world competition of some sort - I always tune in. I'm watching most events (except for curling...I just can not do curling), some for the first time, and am so incredibly in awe of these athletes passion and determination. To represent your country, even if you don't medal but even more so if you DO medal, must be such an incredible feeling...and for that reason, even when Canada is not the winner, I still clap for whatever country won. It's all about friendly competition right? Love it.

Have you been watching the 2010 Winter Olympics?


P90X or Furniture Rearranging...

Last night I got the urge to rearrange. You know, change things up a bit. It was rearrange or P90X....guess which one won?

I'm still getting things putt away and finding new homes for some stuff but I thought I'd share where I am so far. The major reason I wanted to rearrange was because after posting this entry, and receiving all of your suggestions, I decided I definitely wanted a console with something above it for the empty wall. And with my desk so close...it just wasn't going to work. One commenter, Chic Modern Vintage, even suggested installation art which I am seriously considering - love that idea!

So anyways, some pics (click here to see before pics of the same area):

Soon, I'll be adding something large (artwork or mirror) above a console on this wall. Don't know if the tripod lamp will stay there but that's where it is now. The bookshelf that used to be on the wall to the right (& another near the window), have been cleared of books and moved to my bedroom to use as night tables - though they wont stay there.

My windows face south and while I absolutely LOVE the amount of natural light I get (look how bright the pics are!) it's always so insanely hot! Lolol.

Now I'm thinking I'll want something to go directly on that wall where the bookshelf used to be....no clue what though. We'll see.

And if you're wondering where the desk went...

I really love it there (excuse the stuff on the desk! still finding new places for things...). The silver shelving unit used to be right by the kitchen and housed extra dishes, wine glasses, cookbooks, the microwave and toaster....a bunch of stuff. It now holds all my magazines and a lot of my books and my printer (on the bottom shelf). In magazines like Domino I always loved the look of open bookshelves, eye-pleasingly, stuffed with stuff. Tons of books, magazines, accent pieces, pictures frames...so that's the look I was going for.

And all the dishes, cake stands, etc..that USED to be on that shelf. We'll I'm still packing them away but I put some above the cabinets...

I still have to figure out where to put the black club chair. It's simply too bulky for the space and too heavy (like I always knew). The next thing I want to pick up is a single wing chair instead for additional seating.

So that's pretty much it. I won't bore you with photos of the unfinished areas!


Wading Through Etsy

I'm fairly certain there is no one in design blog land who has not heard of the Etsy shop High Street Market. But just in case you haven't (where have you been?!?!?!? lol) allow me to introduce you to one of my favourite Etsy sellers. Kelly keeps High Street Market stocked with amazing vintage accessories for the home. Trust me, you'll want to bookmark the shop or visit her blog to get on her mailing list so you know when knew stuff is in - which is pretty darn often. As of last night here are some items that caught my eye - any of which I'd gladly own in a heartbeat.

this would look cute on the fridge I think

Can you tell I have a thing for brass? Trust me, she stocks many non-brass items too.

Who are some of your favourite Etsy sellers?

(Can't believe it's been over 1 week since I blogged here! Yikes. But don't forget - you can still find me here.)