UPDATE: A Permanent Move

Wow. Time is flying. It's been just over six months since I last posted here. Which means I've been living in India now for six months. Crazy.

In case you're wondering about this post title, I'm not permanently moving to India - but I have decided that once I return back to Toronto (in six months) I'll probably continue to blog over at my new blog home and this one will be put to rest. I know I've had tons of blog homes in the past but I'm pretty certain this will be my final move (I hope!).

I'm really enjoying the space that I'm carving out over there and hope you'll stop by to say hi - and perhaps even update your readers and follow me there. I'm sharing tons of pics and my thoughts/feelings/observations about my adventure here in India....and I'm slowly starting to mix in some decor and other things - which is why I got started blogging in the first place!


+all pictures by me