Time For The Guys - UPDATED

Okay. So I previously did a post on beautiful girls - the Hollywood ladies I think are particularly beautiful (duh! lol) so I guess it's only fair I do one on the guys too, right?

And let me say, in advance, that while I know one or two of these guys aren't necessarily the hottest out there - I find there's just something about 'em..

So here they are. In no specific order.

1. Brad Pitt


Okay, so clearly I wasn't talking about him when I said "some of these guys aren't necessarily the hottest out there..." because, I mean, clearly he is.  He just keeps getting better with age.

And with him...the scruffier the better.
(Well, actually with most white guys for me the scruffier the better. Don't know why.
Just telling it like it is folks.)
Fight Club Brad? Hell yeah.

And when he and one of my fave gals hooked up? Oh that just made my week!

I really don't think I need to explain why he made my list - do I?

2. Benicio Del Toro.

Okay, so clearly he may be the guy I was referring to above...I mean, I know that he's not the conventional type of good looking but really - there's just something about him.

He really looks like a guys guy...manly man...but I feel like he'd be a good boyfriend...
So please don't leave me a comment saying that he's a womanizer. lmao.

3. Maxwell

Oh good God this man is just fine on so many levels lol. Let me try and count the ways: 


1. His voice - when he sings - is like buttah. Not butter. Buttah lol. 
It's what my parent's generation call "grown folk music"
Songs like this - literally give me goosebumps. 
(PLEASE click the link to hear what I'm talking about!)
And he sounds just as good live y'all! Love.
2. His speaking voice is like honey with a bit of gravel. Listen here.
Oh gosh when I heard him speak I just about melted. Totally different than his signing voice.
3. He's funny.
4. He's modest (watch link in #2). Or this one (interview starts at about 4:20).
5. He can wear the HECK out of a suit. Seriously.

There's nothing I love more than a good looking man in a good fitting suit. 
Well, there are but you get me...
6. He seems like he'd really know how to treat a lady. Gotta love that.
7. Did I mention he's fine?

4. Harry Connick Jr.

I just admitted it to myself earlier today, when I watched him on The View, that yes - I kinda really like him. It's not so much about his looks with him (though he is a good looking guy).
From what I can tell in interviews I've seen with him and such - he just seems like a really cool guy.
No pretensions.
He's funny. And talented. 
And he sounds like a black guy.
Which, I mean isn't why I like him, but I'll admit the first time I heard him speak in an interview I was kinda shocked and totally smitten. 
It was very cool to me.
Then one of my blog friends told me that's how white guys from New Orleans sound and I pretty much decided I need to go and verify this first-hand. So (another) trip to New Orleans is in my future plans lol.
But really, he seems like a cool guy.

5. Gerard Butler

Some photos don't do him justice but really? 
He's pretty freakin' hot in a manly man kinda way, you know?
And his accent? Yeah, I can dig it.
And I may have been the last person to see 300 (saw it earlier this year)...

...but it was so worth watching ;)

Now this is just my list of guys that particularly stand out for me. 
Sure there are other hollywood guys out there that are good looking (George Clooney is very dashing, I think Zac Efron is very cute, Denzel Washington is an extremely handsome older man, that Taylor Lautner kids pretty cute (but kinda young), Channing Tatum is pretty easy on the eyes....)
 but I just wouldn't put them on this list.
This is like my....it list.

Who's on yours?

Edited To Add:

How could I forget my number #1 (yes, I can confidently say he is number #1)
Johnny Depp.

I almost screamed out loud just now when I read the comments and saw his name there.
Ugh - I KNEW I was forgetting someone. Seriously, how could I forget my #1.
He's my absolute favourite and I've had a crush on him for YEARS.
Sooooo my type.
If you don't think he's totally drool worthy, even with the man bracelets, long unkept hair, and hats.........
especially with the man bracelet long unkept hair and hats, I'm not sure we can be blog friends.
Totally being serious.

And since I forgot him (how could I forget him!) he gets extra pics :)

Ugh. That Vanessa is one lucky lucky gal.


Sing of Singature Style said...

I'll have all of the above please. Good picks.


brittany said...

i know everybody and their mama loves maxwell, but i just don't see it. sigh. but yes, new orleans boys are THE BEST! i lived in baton rouge for quite some time and was quite smitten with a few of them. ;o)

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

Jude Law
Idris Elba
Christian Bale
Omar Epps

LindsB said...

I have loved Benicio Del Toro ever since he was in that movie Excess Baggage. I dont know what it is about him- but he is really yummy!

Anonymous said...

You named some really good picks. I am now in love with Bradley Cooper (the Hangover).

Katelin said...

oh hellooooo harry! i have such a voice crush and heck a real crush on him. i just heart him. love this list.

mrslimestone said...

Fun post! Its nice to look into your brain on this one :)

My list of 5 would be extremely weird (im not usually into the stars that everyone finds hot).

Jill said...

Agree w/Brittany on Maxwell. Uhh, NO. Loved Denzel since the horrible, 'Carbon Copy'. Harry Connick Jr., Christian Bale, Eric Bana, Idris Elba, much yum! Brad Pitt? Eh.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to agree with you on Brad and Maxwell, the second guy has a cool vibe too. But i would have to add, Lenny Kravitz, Gary Dourdan,Robert Downy Jr...yes I put him in too and Johnny Depp.

True Queen

Elle said...

Girl girl girl! Johnny Depp and Gerard Butler, OH MY LORD. I love them both! Fine fine fine.
And Maxwell is just flawless to me. I wanna be his wife.

Mon Cheri said...

johnny depp and Harry connick jr



T said...

Um... your list is lacking quite possibly THEE hottest Hollywood actor on the PLANET. Will Smith!!! Good googley moogley that man is fine.

He was fine on the Fresh Prince and he's fine now. Let me stop before I get too excited on here...


Johnny Depp is fine too, I'm straight on Brad as of late.

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