Second Uses

How fantastic are these hanging lanterns?

While their intended use is for outdoors (the garden or porch) I think they would look delightful hanging inside in a spot that needs a little...something something.
Think I may get one, or two, to hang in the corner of my bedroom - 
to inject a world-traveled feel to the room.
(because they are quite Moroccan-ish in feel aren't they?)

And while I'm there I may just pick up one of these....

...because even though they are for flowers I think it would look incredibly chic on my desk filled with pens and pencils...nice pens and pencils of course ;)

All available here


Michelle... said...

ooh, imitation Aalto vases! I love the shape, but especially love the idea of using them as a pencil/pen holder. So obvious yet I don't think I would have thought of it!

Hello Lover... said...

Love both of these!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Love love love both. those lanterns would be really great in the apartment and that holder would definitely spruce up the desk.

Leigha said...

Love, love, love those lanterns!

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