the time has finally come.


I so can't believe it's been 2.5 months since my last update here on Apartment #412. Time has flown by.

This may be a bit late, but I'm hoping you all had a very Happy New Year and that 2011 has been great so far.

If you follow me on twitter or read my other blog - which I have been updating - or if you've been a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I've been preparing to move to India for the past several months to work as a paid volunteer at a non-profit organization.

Well, the time has finally come. My suitcase is (mostly packed) and in less than 3 days I'll be heading across the world to really start this new, yearlong adventure. I'm feeling a whole bunch of emotions that I can't even articulate.........nervous, excited, scared, anxious.....

So, that means this is the last post on Apartment #412 as this blog will now be going on hiatus. I don't know if I'll continue blogging here after my year in India; I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now it'll remain open to the public but by the end of the month I'll make it private....if I decide to continue on here once I return at that point I'll make it public again.

I hate to leave you all hanging (and I hope it doesn't look that way) but I really hope you decide to follow me over to my newer travelogue and come along on this journey, albeit viturally, with me. I'll be blogging my experiences, thoughts, tips, everyday stuff....and lots and lots of pictures.

Thank you so much for your readership over the past few years. It means more to me than you know.