While I'm sitting here at my desk, working 9-5, it's hard not to get a bit distracted - I find myself looking for something specific for my project (like a great font) ...then through a series of random clicks ending up on wonderful new-to-me blogs (and with 10 new fonts) - so really, I'm not complaining because work is still getting done!

But I had to pop on quickly and share this find with you all. 

I'm a sucker for a great desktop wallpaper and when I saw this one I immediately cleaned up my desktop and added the image to my laptop. Even better - it's totally free! 
Geez, I'm such a sucker for beautiful free stuff ;) Love.

You can find it here at the blog Simple Blueprint.
The blog itself is quite a find too - filled with lots of eye candy.

Now back to work!

Oh! Can you believe it's JUNE already. Yikes! Where did the fist half of the year go?!?!?
I don't even want to check my resolutions....at least not yet.
The summer hasn't really even started and I've already got a nasty heat rash on each arm.
The weather here in Toronto has been SO HOT the past week.
Like, so hot that the city has already declared TWO extreme heat alert warnings.
This summer is going to be BRUTAL. I need to get some heat rash cream or something.


Mandy said...

I'm still in complete shock that its the first day of the sixth month. How did that happen? Where the time go? Make it slow down!!

Designwali said...

I have heat rash too and HATE IT!

Jayme said...

I visit your blog a lot but never comment, so today's a first. I live in the GTA too and the heat has been intense and awesome all at once.

I'm one of those super pale people who's very sensitive to the heat and always get heat rash. I've found the best product to use if Paul Mitchell "The Conditioner", you can get it at most salons and it is actually conditioner. But it's amazing for your skin, especially heat rash and sunburns (way better than aloe).

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

Luckily it's rained here so the heat has cooled down a bit.

Time is truly flying by, now I feel like I have mad dash for the remaining 6 months of the year!

Kay* said...

@Jayme - thanks for delurking! i'll have to look into paul mitchell's 'the conditioner' i think my sister might have it :)

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