DIY Celeb Artwork

Before I get into this post I'll preface this by saying I've had this post saved in my draft for over 2.5 years. Yes, you read right and I didn't make a mistake. 2.5 YEARS. Actually, 2 years 7 months to be exact.

Not cool.

It's a good post I think and it should have been posted a long time ago...so since Apartment #412 will be going on a hiatus very soon I decided now is as good a time as any to get this up. Some of the reference might be a bit...old (like me watching Real World Hollywood)...but other than that it's all good.

Now, on to the post.


Frank Sinatra

First - doesn't Frank Sinatra look cute in that mugshot? Okay, now that I've got that out of the way.

I remember reading about this idea in a magazine a few years ago but was reminded of it recently when I was watching The Real World Hollywood. If you look closely in their main living area you will see artwork using celeb mugshots.

I thought this would be a fun simple DIY to bring the look into your own space. A quick google search found TONS of pics and here, for whatever reason, are a few that caught my eye:

Jane Fonda

Jimi Hendrix

Bill Gates

I myself prefer the old-school mug shots with the numbers in them. But if you do a simple google search you can find tons of celeb mugshots. Everyone from Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan to Michael Jackson....and basically 99% of Hollywood. Look


Updated to add:

I think this would look pretty cool hung either gallery style or the exact opposite - very structured. I'm not sure it would work in every decor but I think it would be quite fun in most...you could even use black and white pics to make it a bit more understated or do the pop art look as above in the RW house.

You could even have a bit of a theme...one I thought of would be prominent figures from the civil rights movement including Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcom X - I can totally see that being a conversation starter. Or if you're into young Hollywood you could do Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Ritchie...that would be a bit funny.

There are even books filled with celeb mugshots like this one and this one. They are paperback so I'm not sure the pics from it would work to be framed but it's still kinda cool. (Wait, this one is hardcover...)


money green leather sofa

click to see larger
coolest. leather. sofa. ever.
with lyrics from one of my favourite hip-hop songs ever.
i know like 98% of the lyrics by heart.
that's pretty darn accurate if you ask me.

+seen in The Selby Book


Apartment #412 Etsy Store Update

Just wanted to pop in quickly to let you all know that I'm working really hard to get my Apartment #412 Etsy Shop opened for next week. I've picked up some more amazing finds (vintage housewares) and can't wait to share them all with you - I may even have a little giveaway to celebrate its opening.

You can read this post about my plans for the Apartment #412 Etsy Shop.

Also, if you'd like, pop over to my travelogue and give me your input/suggestions on the dreaded travel sandal......the search has begun!


Tears + Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

I wanted to share a blog post that almost had me in tears and a newly discovered blog with all of you....

Jason, who I've mentioned before, of the blog These Roving Eyes is one of my favourite bloggers. His pictures and breathtaking and literally blow my mind (seriously Jason, can we please have a quick photography teaching session before I go to India...I'm SO serious?!) but even more beautiful, if that's possible, is Jason's writing.

He is, plain and simple, an amazing writer. A few weeks ago Jason wrote one of the most truthful, honest, and moving posts I have ever read on any blog. Ever. It was his coming out story. I read it with tears in my eyes. Not sad tears but hopeful tears. Because with all of the.....bullying going on with teens afraid to come out (and teens committing suicide because of this) I wished that each and everyone of them could read his post and know that things would be okay and things would get better. That one day the weight would be lifted and they too would take root. If you have a minute or two please give his post a read because it really is beautiful.

My next find is a wonderful new blog that when I stop by gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Lurve You is, in the authors own words, "a blog dedicated to love - fleeting love, true love, and everything in between." 

The posts are short & sweet and I can't stop by Lurve You and read a couple of posts without saying "awwwww." Who doesn't like getting that warm & fuzzy feeling?

Well, there they are folks. If you stop by either I'd love to know what you think!

(oh, and I recently did a post over on FIWL about why I'm going to India, what I'll be doing while I'm there & why India...if you're curious about the full story pop over and give it a read :)


Film and Digital [+ come visit my new blog!]

I picked up some film from the lab that I should have picked up.........back in September. That's one of the fun things about film - sometimes you forget what you took pictures of so when you get it back it's like a surprise! In this case it was shots I took when I was in Ottawa for my volunteer training back at the end of August and despite my shutter button acting up and not always working when I wanted it to - I'm really pleased with the outcome. Some of them are slightly over/underexposed and some of them are not quite in focus (because of the fidgety shutter button) - but, for some of them, it adds to the picture I think.

I remembered that some of the shots I captured on film I also captured, albeit a slightly different view/angle, on digital. I thought it would be fun to post both so, hopefully, you guys can see the difference that I see between the two formats.



Film (underexposed)

Digital. (underexposed)

Film. (overexposed)

This isn't meant to be scientific or anything like that - I just thought since I had both I'd share both. In all fairness I had just received my new digital camera and was still getting the hang of it - so I used it in 'auto' for most of my trip. But, regardless, I think the differences are evident - no? Also - despite the difference I still adore my new digital camera...especially now that I'm shooting in manual with it.

So - to be clear - I love my digital AND film camera but they do give different results.

To see more of my shots on film click here.

P.S. I know I've been bad with updating this blog. Remember, you can always find me blogging here. Would love to see you over there - stop by and say "hi" or "follow" me there (scroll down to the bottom for the follow widget).

Have a great weekend!