Picture Perfect

I've been on the hunt for the perfect point and shoot camera for a while.
But not any point and shoot.
As someone who currently only shoots with an slr I've grown to love having that extra control over my images...and having various lens options.

So I want a point and shoot that's lightweight enough for me to carry around in my pocket/purse all the time...because really, I don't want to lug my slr out to dinner with family and friends or a simple outing...
I want one that has some manual features...and it would be nice if it had some lens options...
and video might be nice too...
and I hadn't seen any that fit these requirements (maybe I wasn't looking hard enough)
until last night.

I soooooooo want this camera.

Especially after reading this review and seeing the images and videos captured with it. So awesome.

Let's see:
pocket-sized & lightweight = check
manual controls = check
option to change lenses = check
video = check (HD video I might add)
super cool minimal design = check (love the retro film type of feel)

Ugh. I forsee a new camera purchase in the near future...

What type of point and shoot do you use?


Mrs. Limestone said...

Ive seen this and its competitors but I cant seem to find an answer about its shutterlag. Id love a small camera that had a quick response time but without that feature, its all a waste. Do you know if this one is quick like an SLR?

My husband has a lumix (not this one, an older version) and it takes lovely photos. I'd have no problem recommending lumix.

Kay* said...

Hey Mrs. Limestone!
I've read two in-depth reviews (both ppl had used them for a few weeks before writing the review). The first has this to say when asked if shutter lag is a problem with it:

"Hardly — I find it to be as responsive as any pro-sumer DSLR." http://craigmod.com/journal/gf1-fieldtest/

the seconds says this:
Quote: "I was not missing any shots because of shutter lag or slow focusing" http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2009/10/panasonic-gf1-field-report.html

But, if you're really considering it, it might be best to check it out in-person to make sure the lag time is okay for you. If you do test it - please let me know your thoughts!

The other camera that I was strongly considering before discovering this was the Lumix LX3 - I've heard good things about the lumix line from pro photogs. I'm glad to hear you agree!

My @ tha Hotness said...

I have to get a smaller camera as well. Sometimes I just don't have it in me to lug the big slr around.

Anonymous said...

Omg I've been looking at this too! I bought a Canon EOS Rebel XS and I'd like to get the GF1 as well for portablility and HD video capability.

If you do get it please do a review! Please please :D

Zeitoune M-P said...

I just bought a Panasonic Lumix last week. We got the Lumix DMC FH22 and it is great. I was surprised that the employee at Blacks recommended a Panasonic over the Canon. Our older camera is a Canon and I loved it also. The LUMIX is great! Go for it.
I also read the previous post about your decision regarding India....I really hope you go for it also!! Good luck! I would definitely be following your blog while you go away. You do such a good job and you cover my fave topics!

Michelle... said...

My current point and shoot is the Canon SD870, which I got for its wide angle lens. My P&Ss take a lot of abuse because I really do take them everywhere(that includes clubs and bars!). I'm pretty happy in general with the image quality and it is certainly small and light.

However, I'm hoping to upgrade to the Canon S90 for my birthday in November, fingers crossed! It offers a lot more in terms of higher end features (though it does not do HD video), while still being extremely compact like the lower end Canon PowerShot models. It also doesn't break the bank at the $400 list price.

Kay* said...
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Bridget Beari Design Chat said...

How much zoom does it have? I need one with a powderful zoom.I have a coolpix but that's not doing what I need.

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