Working 9 - 5

"Working 9 - 5
What a way to make a livin'..."

See that desk pictured above. That's my desk (like you didn't already know that!).
That's where I'll be this week, from 9 - 5.
The contract I was working on for the past few weeks ended last week.
On the weekend, I decided that this week I would work on my OWN personal projects
(two to be specific) as if I was working for someone else.
From 9 - 5.
At my desk.
I'm going to put the same effort into the work for OTHERS, into the work I want to do for MYSELF.
Two breaks and a lunch hour.
Working 9 - 5.
I'm excited to see what I'll get crossed off the to-do list I created.
And of course I couldn't not blog a picture of my most recent thrift purchase.
If you follow me on twitter (and really you should ;) you may have already seen it.
It's this awesome clutch I picked up last week for $2.50.
Two dollars and fifty cents people.

Perfect dressed up or dressed casual. 
I think it's quickly become my favourite clutch.

And happy Memorial Day to my readers south of the border!


Laila said...

I love your desk! I am currently look for something similar but have a hard time finding a desk that has drawers. I also want to put it in my bedroom so size is an issue.

Jason said...

Love that vignette, Kay!
So many nice textures, all different, all playing nice together.

I quite like the Metro shelving butted up against the teak - Nice out-of-the-box thinking!

Jai said...

I love the 9-5 idea! I (sometimes lol) take that same approach to writing my dissertation. I love the zebra print on the chair's pillows--did you make that yourself?

Anonymous said...

I like that you'll have your magazines and books right next to you for inspiration. Nice set-up.

dagmara said...

Great clutch! Have you ever been to one of Toronto's outdoor antique shows? I went to the big one on Sat - The Christie - and it was fab. We rented a car and it only took 40 min to get there. Even if you don't come away with anything it's a great daytrip. You would have died if you had seen the wrought iron bamboo nesting tables I spotted but in the few minutes I left to get my friend to look at them someone bought them! I was so sad. I also had my eye on some vintage Hudson Bay Co. blankets. The next show is Flamboro Market on July 17 btw.

kay* said...

@Laila - Thank you! I bought it at..one of the more upscale vintage shops in downtown toronto. it's one of the most expensive items in my entire home - but i fell in love with it and had to have it.

@Jason - Thank you! And very impressed you referred to it by it's full name 'metro shelving' :)

@Jai - Thanks! I thought - why not? Let me see what I can really get done and how it feels to work for myself...kinda. The idea is to eventually make pillows :) but i've been lazy so I have the fabric wrapped around cushion inserts and neatly pinned in place. lol. Works for now. Sew actual covers on my list of things to do..... :)

@Adrienne S. - Thank you! Holds a ton of stuff and my printer and other stuff on the bottom. Makes me look organized ;)

@dagmara - thanks! i haven't but I really want to! Thing is, i'm the only one in my circle into thrifting - chances are my sister wouldn't want to come with me...but i'm going to try and talk her into it. I've heard such good things about The Christie - didn't Sarah Richardson go there for her recent farmhouse makeover too? Those nesting tables sound to good to be true! Yes, think I'll definitely try to get to one this summer :)

Mandy said...

This is such a fantastic idea, I am sure you get so much done. I love that clutch!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

God I love your style in decorating and accessories. Can you come to the US and help me (please!)

dagmara said...

I think going antiquing by oneself is fun too. I actually went with who wasn't that into it and I find you will probably split up to seek out what you want anyways so don't let not having a thrifting partner deter you. I would have stayed longer if my friend hadn't been in a hurry to get back to the city. Seeing what people collect fascinates me.

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Love your work space.. not a bad space to spend humming along to 9-5 :) Thanks for getting the song in my head.. I'll forever think of you when I hear it! So happy to have found your blog, I'm really looking forward to following! xx

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