I'm Back! (& Some Wedding Photos....)

I'm back! And boy....I had a blast. Thank you all for the encouraging words in my last post. I'm still super exhausted (was up late every night!) and will give a better wedding recap later this week but for now I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some of the photos - from my first wedding shoot ever.

Take a look at the full sneak peek here. & I'll let you know in advance that my style is very candid/photojournalistic - so not a lot of traditional posed stuff. Feel free to leave a comment over there letting me know what you think :)


Anonymous said...

oh congrats to you! going to look at them alllll now!

A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

It is great that you found your style, and I believe that pictures not posed are so much more special!

###### said...

great pics...GET IT GIRL>>..the wedding looked fun too...i see yall getting down in canada.

Kaki said...

Kay, you've got real talent girl! You're inspiring me to develop my photography skills. Keep believing in yourself because you have skills.

Kay* said...

thank you all so much! i really appreciate your comments :) and encouragement!

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