a question for you...and some more finds!

I've been back from Florida for less than a week and have already scored some amaaaaaaazing stuff at the thrift store. Seriously, this particular thrift store has been SO good to me lately.

In the above picture EVERYTHING was bought at a thrift store. You can also see three of my latest finds, all purchased this week: the two small vases (you have to see a close-up of the gold one, I'm IN LOVE with it) and the amazing Danish modern 3 drawer chest. Which I happened to score TWO of! AND I also scored the matching 6 drawer dresser! I'm telling you - I can't wait to share these finds with you all. Plus, I still have to reveal this awesome find from three weeks ago.

Do you follow me on twitter? If not, you totally should. I often post pics of items as I see them in the store and ask for input as to whether or not I should buy it :) or if it has potential.

Is it corny if I say I absolutely love my apartment. I mean, every single item in it - I love. When I walk in my door I feel like...happy. Everything perfectly reflects me and although it's a rental apartment it doesn't feel temporary. I have pictures on the wall. Things are unpacked. It's comfortable. It's me. And while everything was affordable I'd like to think you wouldn't be able to tell they were bought "on the cheap." Actually, I've been thinking of doing a series of posts where I break down the cost of each room or space in my apartment so you readers can see - good design can be affordable. Especially those of you moving into your first apartment (this is my first apartment by the way) and are starting from scratch - like I did. But would that make me....unclassy? I mean, I notice lots of other bloggers don't post the price of things they buy - they hint that it was affordable or that they got it at a "great price" but never really say what that price was. And I always wonder "Well, how much was it??" Whereas I tend to ALWAYS say what I paid, "I scored this for $2.99!" Lol. Is that a turn-off to you readers? Would you prefer I DO or DON'T say how much I pay for things? And would you be interested in a series of posts like what I just described....like a breakdown of different spaces in my apartment?

And thank you to all of you who commented on the sneak peek of some of the images I shot at my very first wedding shoot. Your comments were really a joy to read and I so appreciate it. I'll be sure to let you all know when the full post is up!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

It's not a turnoff, I do it too. lol. I read somewhere that it was tacky so I've tried to stop but it's my way of saying, "girl go get you one," whenever someone compliments my clothes, jewelry, etc.

YES, totally do a breakdown so the artistically challenged, like myself can get inspired and some help. lol

Anonymous said...

tell us what you paid. the more we all do that, the more we'll know what a steal is when we see it.
in fact when you said you scored the dressers, all i could think was HOW MUCH. so when you asked if i wanted to know. YES YES YES

Kay* said...

@sunny - yes, tacky was the word i was looking for. like, am i tacky for posting how much i pay for things? lol.

@anonymous - the 3 drawer chest was $60 with 50% off. So I paid $60 for two. the 6 drawer dresser that matches was $80 with 50% off...$40. So $100 for all 3 :) I'm pretty certain it's teak (definitely not laminate), amazingly well built and in perfect condition. As an example, here's what some similar pieces go for on ebay


total score :)

Anonymous said...

"sunny - yes, tacky was the word i was looking for. like, am i tacky for posting how much i pay for things? lol."

@Kay: hey if it is, we are both tacky. LMBO

Jessica O'Brien said...

i say post the pricing! it seems authentic to your nature and you shouldn't care what others thing if it's natural to you. i like it because it's relate-able that way!

Simone From Elizabeth City said...

Definitely post the prices, although I usually want to cry after the reveal. I love a good find and since I've never EVER found the types of things you do for those prices--certainly never in New York and not even in Bitty City, North Carolina where I live now--it's good to live vicariously through you. Plus, sometimes when people claim they've scored, it's that metropolitan kinda score where because you paid $2500 instead of $5000, it's considered a bargain (not!). You are the true bargain hunter and I need to get to Toronto with a quickness.

ceecee said...

Please post prices!
It will inspire me to get off my butt and go thrifting for my new spot. The blog world can feel a little 'faux' at times (more power to those that can afford J. Adler) so I'm glad you keep it real.

Anonymous said...

I think you should totally post the prices. Not tacky at all!! In fact, it makes you look more like the expert thrifter you obviously are!


Michelle... said...

I don't know why people get so hung up on money. You are obviously and excellent bargain shopper, take pride in it! I love advertising my fab bargain finds from furniture to clothing, accessories, etc., and if that makes me tacky, so be it! Your posts will only make me jealous! :-)

Kay* said...

@jessica - thanks!

@simone - that's part of the reason i post the prices..because what's a score for me might not be a score for you. & when you get to toronto send me an email and we'll go thrifting together!

@ceecee - :)

@tami - thanks tami! i don't know if i'm an expert - i just get really lucky :) and keep my eyes open!

@michelle - i don't know why either. i mean, there are some things i wouldn't say the price of (for example if i got engaged - as much as i like you all i wouldn't post the price of the ring!) but...other than that...there's not much i can think of that's off limits for revealing the price :)

so, looks like the price posting will continue :) tacky or not! lol.

AllonaDime said...

I agree, posting prices is ok in my book. I thrive off a great bargain and have no shame in sharing how much I paid for an item (especially when it was a deal). Besides like the others mentioned it provides proof that u can have nice things without breaking the bank. Look I live in California, in the bay area no less. Things are expensive here!

tarah said...

Please post the prices...It kills me to see your amazing steals, but it is also proof that you can have a nice place without going broke. I can not stand when you see a post bragging about a good deal, and they don't say how much it cost...our ideals of a good deal may be very different so it is hard to feel inspired by it.

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