Happy May Two-Four* Fellow Canucks!

And to my readers outside of Canada, see you on Tuesday! Lots going on over the next 3 days...including cooking & eating fiddleheads for the first time :) Feel free to link to, or post your own, fiddlehead recipes in the comment section :)

(p.s. You may have noticed a new section on my sidebar ---> called "on my radar." Like I've said before, I read every comment that's left on my blog and try to respond to each. I also click on everyone's profile who leaves a comment :) it's an awesome way of discovering new blogs. "On My Radar" is where I highlight a few that have caught my eye. It's also a way of showing some more love to you, my readers and it'll change every week or two. My regular blog reads are still there too!)

*May Two-Four also known as Victoria Day.


LindsB said...

omg, I am obsessed with fiddleheads- I LOVE them!

Lindsay said...

Love fiddleheads. My Grandmother and I picked a whole bunch years ago at her house in Ottawa and I have nothing but fond memories of these - Obviously for the experience with my Grandmother but also for the taste. Yum. I can't remember how she made them, but I think it was pretty easy!

Jai said...

what a great idea--the "on my radar!" I love following and reading blogs, so I appreciate it when bloggers provide excellent suggestions. Of course, I usually have the problem of explaining why I spent 4 hours a day reading blogs instead of working...!



Nice blog on tiny apartment. I read your right top column "WELCOME" where you mentioned about your hobbies. Nice beautiful blog.

Mandy said...

I have never ever heard of fiddleheads and will be off to google them. Hope you had a great relaxing weekend!

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