Thank You! (& decisions)

Hmmm. Have a couple of blog post ideas in mind but all will take longer to write than I want to give time to write now. But I wanted to post something today.

So I'll say THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my last post. If you've left a comment I've responded in the comment section to each of you. I really appreciate you all sharing your thoughts & suggestions and I've learned that a lot of you feel like I do! Really, in your responses, you each left gems of wisdom that got me thinking. Since posting that post I've made a decision about things I want to change in my lifestyle going forward which I will share next week. It won't be easy and I have a lot to learn but I am excited for the journey!

Oh, I'll also note that this is going to be a semi-busy weekend for me. I have to: finish selecting and editing pics from the orlando destination wedding I shot, research one or two wedding blogs I'd like to try and get featured on, send out a couple of resumes (since the contract I'm doing will end in 2 weeks), give my hair a protein treatment, do some research on my new decision (see above), do some gardening, I want to bring Howard to the dog park, think about a slight blog revamp, and begin sketching out an idea for a personal project...plus I need to catch up on sleep!

And because posts, as we all know, are so much better with a picture - I end this post with two quick pics I snapped of my bedroom in progress...filling up with my thrift find treasures :)


Have a great weekend!


Tonia Lee Smith said...

I see that your mirror has taken it's proper place. It looks good.

Kyla Roma said...

I'm excited to hear your announcement! If you're going to try stepping towards vegetarianism check out this post I wrote after going vegan for a month, it might help you out =)

Anonymous said...

You have quite the busy weekend. You are so right, about the pictures. lol. Love 'em!

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