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Hey Guys & Gals!

So it's going to be a bit quiet around here for the next few days...I'm shooting my first wedding (a destination one no less!) this Saturday and will be taking the rest of this week to really get ready for it. A bit nervous but also excited and anxious :) Plus, I've recently parlayed a two day temp job into a six week freelance contract (woot-woot!)...so I'll be working too. And, of course, I need to get in some quality Howard time :) [picture below] before I leave on Thursday. Think I can add some thrifting in there too?!? Nah...that might be pushing it.

But not to fear! Here are some links that will hopefully keep you busy until I'm back:

*Have you been following Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest? There are some GREAT small spaces entered this year. Here's some of my faves:

*Love travel? The Global Trip is is my all-time favourite travel blog. I found it a few years ago when the blog author, Erik, was on his 16 month (or until money runs out, whichever comes first) 'round the world trek - so I was following it in real time. I was immediately taken with his style of writing - so authentic...and funny.

During that year long trip he traveled through several countries (throughout South America, Africa, Asia, and also to Russia and several countries in Europe....) and blogged EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. WITH. PICTURES. The good, the bad, the ugly, everything! Now THAT takes dedication. I must admit, he inspired part of the travel bug in me. Since then Erik hasn't done anything as long as the year long trip but every year he does a couple of trips which he blogs and I was thrilled to receive notification via twitter last week that he is at it again. Read just one entry. Trust me, you'll be hooked. If nothing else, you MUST watch this video that Erik created. If it doesn't make you want to hit the road then I don't know what will.

*In case you missed it, the new issue of Lonny Magazine is now available online.

Seriously, it just gets better with each issue.

*So apparently Moroccan Oil is all the rage. Several bloggers have mentioned it on their blogs and it was mentioned on The View last week as part of the InStyle Best Beauty Buy's segment. About 3 weeks ago I bought Argan Oil, which as far as I've read is the same thing but I got it cheaper at the Beauty Supply Store...

....and I must say, I am IN LOVE with the smell. It smells sooooo good. The verdict's still out whether or not it's controls frizz because - I don't know that I have frizzy hair. I mean, I have natural hair so it's kinda frizzy anyways...but I can say that it's nice and light - when I apply it to my hair it doesn't feel weighted down. And the smell? Soooooooo good. Oh yeah, already said that....

* And kinda random, but I really hope all the necessary parties involved get their stuff together and make a 4th Bourne Movie. The books are there to continue the series so they just have adapt it. I'm a big fan of the series and wouldn't mind a good spy thriller right about now.

* Oh, and continuing with my random-ness - if any of you is html/web design savvy and knows how to make a horizontal picture slide show (so instead of scrolling up and down to move the page top to bottom the scroll bar is placed horizontally on the page and you move scroll bar left to right to move the page...left to right...) please drop me a line!

Okay folks - that's it for now. Enjoy the links and I'll be back with new posts next week.

Wish me luck!

Howard spent Friday at the dog spaw and in addition to a nice therapeutic massage, mani/pedi and 
exfoliating shampoo - he also got a nice haircut (hence his freshly coiffed 'fro) for the Spring.
Here's he's thoroughly relaxed, hind leg raised in typical Howard fashion waiting for a tummy rub...


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the desination wedding and congrats on the temp job!!!

Those room entries look great- ooooh how I wish I was creative! ;)

4DsfromLHP said...

I bought that exact same bottle of Argan Oil at Sally's about a month ago (for $7.99 vs. the $30+ for Morrocan Oil Brand) and I love it! You are so right, the smell is amazing, and living in Florida, I do struggle with the frizzies and it REALLY works without weighing my hair down. It is a fabulous product and the only reason I bought it was for the smell. At $7.99 I figured if I hated it, it was no big loss. Now I am addicted. :)

Mandy said...

Ah! Good luck on your shoot. I have no doubts that you will rock it. I already can't wait to hear about it. Have so much fun.

Howard is adorable as always.

So Haute said...

Thank you for mentioning my place as one of your faves!! xoxo


I must say, that oil really smells good. And Howard looks very cute with that pose. :)

Sanity Fair said...

Good luck on your shoot! I'm enjoying your blog - and all of your recommendations. The travel blog especially.
-Sanity Fair

ceecee said...

You have to post some teaser photos when you come back, have a safe trip!! I haven't tried Moroccan oil even though I've heard good things about it, now I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

So funny that you posted about Erik's blog! He's a friend and I am always amazed at how he has readers everywhere.

Enjoy your trip!

Michelle... said...

Hope the shoot went well and you had an awesome trip!

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