Black Kitchen & To Etsy or Not

As I mentioned in my previous post I began painting more of my kitchen black and finished it up last night...yes, ABOVE the cabinets...I climbed up and got it done :) I must say I really love the way it looks. I find that the black above the cabinets draws your eyes upward so the kitchen feels taller now. My somewhat conservative in decor friend popped over to check it out and really liked how it looked - especially coupled with the previous wall that I painted black. To refresh your memory this is the amount of black that I had in my kitchen before:

The wall to the right in the photo above - the backsplash and above the cabinets is what I painted black. My kitchen is an absolute disaster right now so this somewhat crappy photo I took using my iPhone will have to suffice for now.

I'll have better photos of the before & after up....on Sunday I'm thinking.

Hmmm....an idea of been toying with is opening up an Etsy shop. For those of you that follow me on twitter you may occasionally see me tweet something along the lines of "OMG just found a great XYZ while thrifting" or "Do you all think I should get this XYZ - found while thrifting..."

While thrifting I usually spot great things that I sometimes don't have a need/space for and I would love for others who would appreciate it - to have it. For example, and I shoulda taken a picture, earlier this week I spotted 2 brass flamingos. I know, sounds incredibly tacky but they were actually kinda cool. I could totally see them being used as accents around the house (I actually will probably go back and see if they are still there.) Anywho, when I tweeted about what I'd seen one of my tweeps responded "I've been looking for brass flamingos!" Who woulda thunk it, eh? Last week I found two really great brass lotus shaped candleholders. They were terribly dingy but I knew with a good cleaning they would be fab. So I grabbed them and you know what - cleaned up they're pretty great.

More examples? Sure! A few weeks ago I spotted this fantastic mid-century-esque sofa. Incredibly long and the fabric was in PERFECT condition. Under the skirt are great cone-shaped wood legs. I don't even mind the yellow colour!

I had to have it. For now it sits in my moms basement and provides tons of seating when my brothers have friends over but eventually I will get it recovered in a nice light shade of gray. You will never guess the price.....$39. Yes. $39.

Here's some other things I've spotted but DIDN'T grab because I didn't have space/need or not MY style but I could totally see them being fab in someone else's space.

This mid-century modern desk is FANTASTIC! Oh it so pains me that I LOVE my current desk and don't need another. Look at the legs and the lines on this beauty! Ugh, so fantastic and ONLY $29. Solid wood and this style for $29 people. That's a STEAL!

This chinoiserie-esque lamp I thought would be so pretty in a little girls room. Or even on an entryway console or in a dining room where extra light is needed. Oh, it would so pop off of a black wall! Add a fantastic little shade and you're all set. The cost? $3.99. Yes - you read correct.

Though ginger jar shaped lamps aren't exactly my style they are pretty timeless design-wise. This one cost only $7.99. As much as I love gold,  I think here the gold detailing kinda dates it. I picture it sprayed a fantastic peacock blue, like these.

This piece had TONS of storage and the doors opened to reveal 3 deep drawers...perfect for storing dvd's, cds, ugh - anything really. I know - the wood tone and handles make it look VERY dated but bare with me as I walk you through my vision.

With the raised edges around the drawers and door, this credenza reminds me of some pieces I've seen with bamboo edges (like this or this or this) hence a slightly Asian or Hollywood Regency feel. I'd begin by giving it a light sanding, removing the handles, and then priming and painting the entire thing white. Then I'd use a lacquer spray over it so it shined. Then I'd update the hardware. Ugh. It could be so perfect. If I remember correctly it was $39.

I loved how ornate the detailing on this mirror was. A coat or 2 of a fun, high-gloss paint and it would be so amazing. Heck, it would even look good painted shiny black or white...though a colour would be much more fun.

And this set of two nesting tables would look so great in a living room.

Anywho - these are some of the larger items I find but I spot lots of little trinkets and things (framed pictures) that I think would be quite nice. So, I guess my question is "To Etsy or Not To Etsy"? Have any of you bought things on Etsy? Any of you have your own Etsy shop? Do tell!


Katelin said...

okay i need you to go thrifting for me. i never find such cute stuff so cheaply, i love it.

Erika said...

Where were you thrifting that you found stuff that cheap? I def wanna check it out!

###### said...

wow...really great finds..

Margarita @ WestCoastMama.net said...

I really love that desk. I really think you should open an etsy shop!

thatShortchick said...

you are a champion thrifter!! I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

I say go for it! The initial financial invest is low, so you can do a trial and see how it works for you. Plus those are awesome finds.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Some great finds! Love the black in the kitchen.

vintagebird said...

I have an etsy shop selling vintage stuff. It is really fun and people are out there shopping for vintage. There is a bit of a time commitment and going back and forth from the post office, but all in all I'm really enjoying it.

Mrs. Limestone said...

You should totally do it and see how it goes, what do you have to lose?

Just be careful about the big items. Whatever saved on the item would be eaten up in the shipping costs.

Anonymous said...

I have never been thrifting before, but I see that I really need to. I am turning my basement into my craft area, and I want to use some second hand pieces to do so. I will get on my "thrifting" right after Christmas!!!

Fargerike Dagny said...

AMAZING finds!!! OMG, super jealous!! Have a fabulous Christmas!

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Fabulous finds. You should do a post on your favourite shopping places ...

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