It's Monday...

...and most people are going back to work this morning. Which makes me wonder & ask...

(1) What do you do? & (2) Do you enjoy it?

I'm a tad curious to know what you - my readers do for a living and if you enjoy doing it. (3) If you could switch paths or fields - would you...what would you do instead?

Of course, I'm asking so I'll be the first to answer.


(1) I went to school for Public Relations and was lucky enough to land a great job out of school. So my background is in Entertainment PR. I was laid off around this time last year so since then I've been doing contract/freelance work in the same industry.

(2) Overall, I do enjoy it. I mean, it definitely has a 'cool' factor and has its perks but I would enjoy it more if I could pick my own clients. It's kinda hard to promote something when you're not 100% into it - but you make it work.

(3) Right now, I'm trying to switch over into the International Development field - I'd love to work with a large international organization in something like Program/Project Development but I'll likely have to start off in Communications since that's my area of expertise. I feel like it would give me an opportunity to combine several of my passions (humanitarian issues/travel/photography) into one - and isn't that what the ultimate career would allow you to do? However, in 10 years from my dream is to be living in Egypt and building/renovating my own guesthouse (much like Maryam is doing in Marrakesh). I can totally envision it now and know what I want to do--employ Egyptian natives as cooks/drivers/guides, sell beautiful goods, give authentic & intimate guided tours, provide a safe/chic & affordable place for adventurous souls to stay...but I'll leave that for another post...

So - now it's your turn. Don't be shy!


Mandy said...

This sounds familiar? LOL. I currently do research (intellectual property seems to have become my specialty by default) for a government program. I like the freedom it gives me, but on the whole I do not love it.

I really want to go back to school to get my masters degree in library science, work for either a corporation or university handling their archives (which involves my love of all things history). I would also love to persue writing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Kay, here are my answers;

1. I went to school for Sociology and am working in Human Resources for the City.
2. I enjoy my job; it has its highs and lows but I believe this job is a blessing and the fact that I am able to do my work is enough for me not to complain.
3. If I could switch I would do something artzy; crafts, gifts, cards, decorating, etc.

p.s. LOVE Your Blog!

MSJNT said...

You are so thought provoking this morning. I adore your blog and I live in a studio rental.

(1) What do you do? I am a CNA in Critical Care at a local hospital.

(2) Do you enjoy it? I do love it because I been a CNA for about 15 years. Never really wanted to become an RN..too much paperwork and covering your ass.

3) If you could switch paths or fields - would you...what would you do instead? If I could change I would go into medical records or billing and coding. Patients have become more demanding on the system. With cutbacks, you really can only get health care and not hotel service.

wisdom goddess born said...

1. What do you do? Am a systems analyst for the U.S. government (Social Security), I also am starting up a holistic health counseling and personal chef service.
2. Do you enjoy it? Not at all . I have worked for SSa for 20 years and although I have met some lovely folks, I have also worked with rude, and stupid (i.e. racist)people far more than I would ever choose to, why do I stay? The $'s and the security to start my own thing on the side.
3. I went to school for holistic health counseling and to become a personal chef in 2007. I have been working (slowly) toward my own goals, being also a mother, spouse and a caregiver to my late mom, and a primary breadwinner in my household.

micah said...

Good questions!

1) Went to school for journalism, now I'm a media buyer at an ad agency.
2) I do like it and I have great co-workers which is very important.
3) I'd love to have a doggy day-care or something with animals. I wanted to be a vet when I was little. But I'm fine with where I am now :)

By the way... thanks for entering my giveaway!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Brandy B. said... 6

1. I did my Associate in Fashion Buying & Merchandising and completed my Bachelors in Production Management. I currently work in the textiles industry in the quilting area.

2. I like the industry overall. I wish I were better, more focused and motivated.

3. I wish I could get on the path of being a stylist so I could design fabric.

Thanks for this. I was wondering if you were working or not. I'm happy you take interest in your readers.

sonya audrey said...

1. I am currently pursuing a degree in studio arts with a minor in Business. I want to eventually open my own little design business. I don't have huge dreams, definitely attainable. But since I'm still pursuing this goal, I'll tell you what I used to do. :) I used to be a Hospital Corpman in the Navy. Towards the end of my enlistment, I worked more in administrative work than medical.

2. I did not enjoy it at all. It was really difficult being a dual military family, and I found out the hard way that I really didn't enjoy medicine and it wasn't suited for me. I'm glad I found out before I spent 4 years going to college though. It was a huge reason I decided to just pursue what I love, I've been in the whole "hate my job" biz, it's not fun.

3. I just want to be able to run my own little business. I love design and I'd love to be able to make visually pleasing and useful things for people, or help someone else use design to achieve their dreams. I would also love to own my own craft store someday. That'd be sweet. And helping my husband open his restaurant. Can you have a craft shop/restaurant? That'd be the real dream. lol.

T said...

You already know this, but for the benefit of your other readers.

1. I work in consumer marketing PR. I studied Communication in college, so, yep, I'm doing exactly what I thought I'd be doing.
2. I love it. It has its good and bad days, but I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing.
3. That's not true. I'd rather be a wedding planner or a housewife, but wedding planning doesn't pay enough for all the stress you have to deal with and you need capital to start and I'm single as the day is long, so the housewife gig is also not an viable option.

Perhaps I shall be the first single housewife ever. How's that for an unobtainable goal? :)

Rhianna said...

1. I’m a church administrator. It should be a dream job being my major in college was Theology, but it’s not.
2. Do I enjoy it? I have a real love/hate relationship with my job. The days I love it, is when I get to be creative. Part of my job is dealing with the church’s bulletins, power points, website, etc. On the days I hate, it’s because I am so bored I want to spill coffee in my keyboard like your picture in this post. I hate having to deal mind numbing work: data entry, invoices, etc. And don't get me started on my salary. But I am very satisfied, content, and grateful with my job.
3. I am back in school, because of this job, I realized my talents and passions are in more creative field. I would love to work for a decorator, to see how I like that industry or field.

Frederique said...

1) I am a Foreign service officer for the Canadian Government. Right now, my focus is trade policy and I hope to be posted abroad soon.
2) Yes. Although it's not always perfect, the substance of my job and my coworkers are wonderful. It's not easy working at headquarters when you really want to be abroad on your first posting in an embassy but I am being patient and learning a lot here.
3) I'm not sure you can actively pursue this as a career but I would have liked to be a film critic.

Katie said...

1 - i am an architectural designer, working towards becoming a registered architect. i have a bach. of fine arts in architecture, and a master of architecture. i've found that architecture is a great profession for me - a good mix of passion and creativity, with the structure and standards that i need to keep me grounded (somewhat). i also really liked being a student :-)
2 - some days... i love the potential, but i'm not all that happy with my current job. i want to be creative and i don't get to do a lot of that where i am now.
3 - once the economy is a little better and there are actually jobs out there, i'd like to try to find another firm that is a better fit for me. long term goal would to open my own small firm that focuses on residential design, and teach an undergraduate studio part time.

thanks for this post, i've really been enjoying reading everyones answers.

Mrs. Limestone said...

I work a very stressful but dull job in terms of creativity or enjoyment. But it pays the bills and lets me enjoy the rest of my life without having to scrimp. For me, its worth the tradeoff.

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...


1. I am a Prosecutor. I prosecute all sorts of crimes. I try cases frequently so I am in front of a judge most days.

2. This is a hard question to answer. The negatives are that my job is very stressful and I typically only see bad things everyday and sometimes things turn from bad to horrific. I tend to internalize the bad things I see and it will really start to eat at me. I also work for the government so the benefits aren't the best. As for the positives, with the exception of two people I love everyone I work with. Our office is like a family because no one understands what you go through daily except for the people you work with. I also work a 40 hour work week, which is less than most of my friends in private practice. I also love being a trial lawyer. It's not like Law & Order 99% of the time but occassionally it is and those moments are very cool.

3. I am fleshing this out. I think I would definitely want to do something that allows me to be creative. My job involved 0 creativity. I think it would be to either own my own small restaurant, specialty store with some decorating mixed in. A close second would be to be a travel writer.

Cool questions. It was very therapeutic to answer those questions.

Anonymous said...


K said...

I really enjoy your blog because it's creative and different and I'll always support a brown girl blogger from my native Canada ;)

This is such a great question and one that usually rolls around in my head. I liked reading other people's answers so here are mine:

1)I studied communications at university and worked for the governement in the field, which I did not enjoy. I liked aspects of it, but overall, I didn't like having to wear a muzzle at all times. I have been working in university administration for years and was an EFL teacher in Japan. I'm currently an administrator in a business school and Scotland.

2) It's definitely not my dream job but it is a godsend, especially in this economic climate and especially still as I'm a foreigner here. It's also flexible and pays well enough to afford me a decent lifestyle while saving for the future.

3) I don't think I have a dream job and I but now I have a better idea of what I'd like to do and what I would be good doing. Working with foreign students and being an expat myself in different countries, I feel like I'd really enjoy working in international recruitment and it's something I'll pursue in the future. I also have a huge interest in nutrition and I hope to explore that in the future.

Thanks for letting me share!

Unknown said...

i hate mondays x

Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

1. I work as a tax accountant doing mum and dad tax returns in the UK.

2. I don't enjoy my current role but I did enjoy my previous role (also in tax but very different client base and a consulting focus).

3. I am changing, over to a more pure accounting role in the new year and I'm super excited about it. I make no bones about being a nerd!! I sometimes think I would love to do something more creative but I love photography, baking etc in my spare time and wonder if I tried to pursue them (not really a possibility anyway), whether it would take away some of my enjoyment. That said, my dream dream dream role would be to review cafes the world over in search of the perfect coffee!

Rachel said...

1. I'm a book editor.
2. I do really enjoy it—I get to write, edit, and work with fabulous graphic designers and photographers to create the visual feel of each book. Like all jobs, it has its ups and downs, but most days of the week I love what I do.
3. Buuuut, I love to draw and do other sorts of creative things my 9 to 5 doesn't allow me to do, so I'm pursuing that on the side with my etsy shop, which I'm hoping to expand soon.

Hopeless Chest said...

1. I'm an office manager in the medical field. Woopdeedoo. I was a hair stylist for 4 years before that. I miss the creative outlet that I had when I did hair. I don't miss the stress of trying to people please all day.

2. I like my job. It's different every day, but it's becoming a lot more stressful than it was in the beginning.

3. If I could start over I might like to have my own business with my mom, doing events and design.


Ashley said...

I like this! I think this also may be the first time I've commented, so HI! I'm Ashley.

1) I got my BA in English, and now I work at a Chicagoland publishing company. I planned to work in this field, but I hoped to be an editor, or a literary agent.

2) I like my JOB, but that's what it is...a job. I'm an Operations Coordinator, so I don't deal much with actual books, or words. I do spreadsheets, and data management. I don't consider this to be my career, I'm still trying to figure out what that should be.

3) I missed my calling by not getting a degree in Education. I need a job/career that is way less sedentary than working in a cubicle (aka what I do now). I used to work with kids, but thought I wanted a career in a more ADULT field. Soon, I'm hoping to get certified to teach. Or just be a stay at home mom.

Shaina said...

Hi there! I just started reading your blog and wanted to say hello!

1. I got my BA in English (much like Ashley above...it's a common I think!) and then I got my Masters of Social Work. I work in a public high school as a counselor for kids at risk of dropping out of school. Students who are failing 3+ classes, behind on credits, on probation for truancy, etc...all come through my door to hang out and try to improve.

2. I LOVE my job. I have done much more stressful stuff in the past - worked in foster care, and then a hospital - but nothing beats a school. A relatively low amount of stress, school vacations, and great kids. Most people seem to view the kids I see as f*#% ups...but I love them and see so much potential.

3. I see myself at my current job - or something like it - for years to come. I would LOVE to write a book...perhaps that is my alternate career? :)

Anonymous said...

I went to Northwestern University and majored in Radio TV Film.

I am a Senior Vice President Group Creative Director at an ad agency. Ha. That's my fancy title. Still makes me giggle. So what that means is, I got a job as a copywriter and I wrote ads. Now, I help other folks with their ads, talk to the client, get involved in the strategy behind those ads and an unleashed upon other agencies in pitches or shootouts. Every here and there I get to make my own ads.

I also write short stories. The short story writing is the creative outlet that I have complete control over. But I LOVE my job. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. My job. I get to do all the stuff I like to do, and they pay me!

My advice is to really think of what you'd do without pay, then find a job doing that. This advice is always true. No matter what you like. If you like sex, there's a career in it for you. Besides the illegal. Sex therapist, sex toy store owner, Carrie Bradshaw-style sex columnist..see where I'm going?

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