Leopard Print, Zebra Print & Bows.

Wow! I have to start this post off by first thanking all of you who answered my Monday question of "What do you do & do you enjoy it?" It was so interesting to read about the various careers & fields that you, my readers, work in. I was in awe that there was such a variety of backgrounds and - just as I suspected - I have some of the coolest blog readers on the 'net. What I noticed though was that many of you, us, feel slightly...uninspired at work and are craving a creative outlet. I was surprised by how many of you commented that you would love to do soemthing more creative - I guess it's the tie that binds us! And hence so many of us have blogs that allow us to indulge in that creative side we all share. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! And if you didn't share but would like to click here to go to the original post.

I thought I'd do a 'lighter' post today on interiors & items that are inspiring me right now as well as a mishmash of other things that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

Currently inspiring me:

Black walls. Long time readers will know this is a slight obsession of mine...
which led me to painting a small wall in my kitchen black.
But I want MORE!

I must get a copy of 'I Married Adventure' onto my coffee table.
The zebra print cover is fab-u-lous.

Certain elements of this room I'm not crazy about...
but I love the overall feminine quality and feel of it.

Things that have caught my eye...

I don't remember where I first saw this image of Dakota Fanning blogged:

It was for Teen Vogue I believe and besides thinking how beautifully she has grown up I was in LOVE with her dress. Now, I'm not normally a leopard print kinda gal but this one is just nice.
I've since found out it's part of the Rodarte for Target line hitting stores Dec.20 - Jan.14.
I must find a way to get this dress in my life. (We don't have Target in Canada).

I've never been a headband kinda girl but this one is too cute.

Maybe it has something to do with my sudden interest in dressing more feminine & girly.
And what's more feminine than a headband with a bow? I would just go ahead and order it, especially since it's currently 30% off. But (apparently) I have a big head. I also have really thick hair - I'd love to try it on first. Perhaps I'll buy it and if it doesn't fit give it away on the blog?

Well. I think that's it. Anything specific inspiring you...or that you have your eyes on?


Mandy said...

I think before long there will be a mass exodus of 20 somethings leaving their soul sucking jobs to take the path less traveled or really embrace what we truly want to do.

Your blog continually inspires me. I adores the look of zebra print with bright pink. And when did Dakota Fanning grow up? I have a Target close by, I'd be happy to pick one up and send it your way for you.

Katelin said...

oh that headband is really cute, and the zebra cover book? so fun! seriously you should just decorate my apartment for me and all would be right in the world :)

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I love those images!

micah said...

Great pics! I am loving animal prints right now.

Hopeless Chest said...

It's well worth the trip to Buffalo for Target. My fave is on Niagara Falls Boulevard, nearby Boulevard Mall. If you don't have wheels to get there, steal some. haha

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Gosh. So beautiful.

Ashley said...

1) I LOVE DAKOTA FANNING. She's so chill, and wonderful

2) I've been interested in dressing more girly lately (my style isn't much of a style). How's it working out for you?

Carolina said...

I love your posts...always soo inspiring!
And that picture of Dakota is wow! She looks great!

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