3 Songs...

...I just had to blog about (lest you think I now only listen to Lady Gaga). AND I just realized all 3 artists have something in common...anyone care to guess?

1. When I hear this on the radio in the car I turn it up and sing at the top of my lungs. It's impossible not to feel happy, smile, and want to skip to where ever you're going when you hear this. And the instrumental break at 2:15? Love it. (small confession: I may have a new little crush on him. I've seen him in some interviews recently and he's SO endearing, humble, and funny.)

This song is not exactly new but it's getting lots of radio play here still and I imagine will continue to get lots of play...maybe even more - since it's recently been named the official song (a remixed version) of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. So happy! I think it's a great song that has global appeal and the ability to cross borders. Whenever I hear it...I dunno...I almost get chills. Really listen to the lyrics....

I love hearing when talented artists (whose music have a caribbean/african influence) who aren't really singers try to sing (like Wyclef). I just love this song. It makes me think of global issues and puts me into a more appreciative state of mind. I've blogged this artist before (I told you - don't sleep on him!). He's awesome live. If you have a chance to check him out do so.

This is something kinda different, no? Originally heard it months ago when it was used in commercials to promote a Canadian reality series. When I hear this I get an entire story in my mind...I picture a James Bond-esque woman in a trench, in a dark club filled with cigar smoke and guys checking her out...and she's looking for her 'suspect' but looking very alluring while doing so...What an imagination I have, eh?

Okay. What 3 songs (or 1) do you think I should give a listen? And what do you think of the songs I shared above?

Happy Weekend! I'm gonna try and get some Christmas shopping done.


micah said...

Michael Buble is definitely crush-worthy! I had never heard those other two songs, but I like them! I am stumped on what they all have in common. Here are 3 songs that I can't get enough of these days:

1) Empire State of Mind - Jay Z & Alicia Keys
2) Enter Galactic - Kid Cudi
3) 1901 - Phoenix

Hopeless Chest said...

I'm loving Bon Iver lately and Lykke Li. And the Swell Season... mostly mellow.

Kay* said...

@Micah - I'm loving Empire State of Mind too...makes me wanna move to NY...or at least visit lol. I like Kid Cudi's stuff when I hear it so I'll have to check out that song. Phoenix I've never heard of so I'll have to check that one out too. Off to youtube I go!

Oh! and all 3 artists are Canadian! Woot-woot!

@Hopeless Chest - I'm not familiar with ANY of those bands so I'll have to go give them a listen...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Micah, Empire State of Mind is amazing, but take a listen to Alicia Keys' solo version, for her upcoming album. Fire!


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