I Promise I'm Not Weird

I have a confession to make.
You must promise not to laugh.
I'm really baring it here folks...
Okay. Here goes....
I'm kinda, slightly, obsessed with planning my wedding.
"What's so weird about that?" you might ask. Well, you see, I'm not engaged.
I don't even have a boyfriend.
LMAO. Does that make me a loser? Insanely weird? Or all of the above? Oh well. There it is. I've said it.

Maybe it's the planner in me. Maybe it's the detail lover in me. Maybe it's the creative aspect. But I'm absolutely smitten with wedding planning. Yes, I'm THAT girl that occasionally buys Martha Stewart or InStyle Weddings. I'm THAT girl that in addition to reading all of your blogs reads blogs like 100 Layer Cake. I'm THAT girl that bookmarks good wedding ideas when I see them because I don't want to forget it. And yes, I'm THAT girl that rushed out to the bookstore and bought this and this when they first came out.

Any readers left? LOL.

But I can't help it. And it's funny because as a child and growing up I was never THAT girl who thought about and pictured her wedding. I guess it didn't start until my mid-20s when I started to think "Hey, is this ever gonna happen?!" And maybe I'm jinxing myself buy even writing this and sharing it with you all but I can't WAIT for the day (actually more like the weekend...more on that another time). Seriously, it's gonna be pretty freakin' awesome if I do say so myself. So, here's fair warning that occasionally you may see a wedding related post or image here. And it start's right now...

Some of you long time readers may recognize these images but I thought I'd share them here for new readers. Don't fret. This will NOT turn into a wedding blog! Obviously. I mean - that would just be weird of me ;)

So let's start with The Dress. 
I've had this image ripped out of a magazine for 5 years now.

Hellooooooo perfection. It's Roberto Cavalli and I love it. Naturally, I'll want it in white.
And while I've seen other dresses I like they have the same silhouette.
No matter how much I think I see something better every time I see this image I inhale...

Next up The Canadian Ceremony area. 
That's right. I said CANADIAN - implying there may be a NON Canadian one.

This little church is SO charming and would need very little decoration on the inside.
But...I think I've decided that I'm gonna go the destination wedding route.
Yup, I'VE decided. LOL.
I've already found the place too...

Next up...The Invitations.

So chic. So simple. So me.
BUT I've seen something else that's pretty cool too.
And since it will be a destination I have another idea that may be more fitting...

Okay. Now that we're all caught up next up: The Cake. Yummy.

invitations from linda + harriett


Mandy said...

I dont think odd at all, most of us at one time or another have thought of what we would want our weddings to be like. That dress is stunning and I love those invitations.

If I am ever crazy enough to decide to get married, I want to be just my future husband and I -- no guests, no attendants, just the two of us perhaps on the beach (I'm not really a church kind of gal). I want it to be incredibly intimate, not some big production with lots of drama (as many of my family and friends weddings have been).

Jajababy said...

Lol, woman please. ALL of us women plan our weddings before we get married. LOL! I wanted my wedding in 2010, so I could go to South Africa for my honeymoon and see the World Cup Live. But of course that's not happening. I am like pre-engaged and I know every last detail of my wedding. Great post!

Jeannine | The Small and Chic Home said...

OH my gosh, this isn't strange at all!

I remember a line from Growing Pains, when the oldest son's fiancee said something like "I've been subscribing to Brides magazine since I was 16!" I wasn't that bad, but right after college, when a rush of people got married, I was day dreaming and cutting out pictures from magazines right along with my engaged friends.

I'm glad I didn't get married then, though. The wedding I'd have today would be smaller and more personal than the generic blow outs I was planning back then!

Again, there is nothing strange about this! A lot of people keep a folder for these sorts of things. :)

T said...

LOL! This is hilarious. Not so much that you're obsessed, but the fact that you admitted it. Everyone has a little bit of Monica Gellar in us. We just can't help it. You should plan a big bday party for yourself or a stunning bash for parents or grandparents with tons of details to take some of the edge off.

LindsB said...

I dont think you are weird at all. I have a whole wedding binder with everything planned out...even to the point of what I want my Mom and Grandma to wear. My friends think it is so funny and everytime they are over they are always like, pull out the wedding binder!

I'm totally with you on the pre-engagement wedding planning :)

ceecee said...

you're a girl after my own heart :)
I haven't bought bridal magazines but I do peruse them at airport magazine stands, everything else I pretty much do and boldface deny it in public lol

Anonymous said...

Ok I need to know exactly where that church is and book it stat!

Habitually Chic said...

If you plan it, it will come!

Shen Dove said...

I don't think it's weird at all! It's the same reason why I make regularly make collages of my short and long term goals. I have actually started collecting pictures for a wedding one and you've inspired me to go ahead and finish it. There is nothing wrong with being decisive about what you want in life! Think it and it will happen.

Kay* said...

Whew! LOL. I was sure some anon commenter would say how loser-ish I am but so far...nope! LOL. You guys are awesome. & it's great to get confirmation I'm not the only that does this...though I know full well MANY of us do it but just don't like admit it ;)

@mandy - small and intimate is awesome. that's what i want too...which is why i'm not sure i'll have a bridal party. i have a handful of close friends i'd actually want to share the day and if they were in the party barely no one would be in the seats-lol.

@Jajababy - I literally laughed out loud. LOVE that you envisioned it in SA so you could attend the World Cup. So awesome.

@T - yup lol. I admitted it :) thought about deleting the post before it published as not to appear as a total loser but thought "what the heck"

@LindsB - LOL! Oh my gosh I feel so much better! I NEED to see that binder!!!

@ceecee - LOL. i hear ya. I suspect not many girls admit to doing it...

@Anon - isn't it gorge! it's the doctor's house in kleinburg ontario. if you book it i fully expect a thank you card ;)

@habitually chic & small budget...- I like that thinking!

Katelin said...

you can help me plan my wedding if you want! :)

seriously i could totally use some of your creativity.

karey m. said...

love this! i am giggling!

that dress...you must get it in a color! lill just asked if her wedding dress could be hot pink, and i answered "i would hope so." and then she said she wasn't going to get married because she'd be traveling too much.

and i said "i would hope so." eep.

you must've been a girl scout or one of those canadian mounties. be prepared, yes? xoxo.

Hopeless Chest said...

Nothing to be embarassed about. I did a THREE post series about my dream fall wedding. And I'm totally single.

Doesn't help that my mom is a director of design at a private event company and we've been discussing my wedding since I was 10.

I LOVE those invitations.

Tia said...

Hey, I don't find you weird at all. I do the same, too. And I'm still 19! Hahah, :D

By the way, I'm a new reader. I was browsing stuff online on hanging art salon style and I found your blog. I like reading and learning from what you write. I'm a fan. You are on my bookmarked blogs now. :) Can't wait for more of your decor tips. And more wedding ideas, too. :)

Speaking of weddings, my dream wedding would be at night when it's windy and cold. Christmas lights would light up the whole place. It'd be beautiful. Haha.

sally said...

i just emailed a dressmaking co to find out when this one dress will be back in! why? also, i sub to martha weddings. all this started in my late 20s. i never was like this growing up! i have a bf and we've talked about marriage but i am totally not ready yet. but i still think about the day! i'm glad i'm not the only one.

Apt. #34 said...

i did it for a good six months before i got engaged!

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