The Town

So I just got in from seeing a late night showing of 'The Town' with my sister and her boyfriend and thought I'd do a quick post in case any of you are wondering what to do for the rest of your weekend.

Go see 'The Town.'

I really enjoyed it and would say it's probably my favourite movie of the year (so far).

No fancy CGI stuff. No highly unbelievable story line. Just a good ol' fashion gritty heist flick with really solid acting, just enough action, drama and suspense. (There were even a a few laughs..appropriate for the movie not jokes). Affleck is definitely back and Renner's performance was solid. I found him really believable. (Not that the others weren't). And I don't watch Mad Men but I read that the guy who plays the main FBI agent is from it...and Blake Lively's in it too. She's practically unrecognizable (which I think is a good thing and will come in handy if she wants to have a career beyond Gossip Girl...which I've never watched either).

So if you're wondering what to do on this Sunday - go see it. Then tell me what you think!

& if you need any more convincing just do a quick google search. Every review I've read has been positive and some even talk about Affleck for a best director nod at the Oscars....


Anonymous said...

dying to see it!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I just wrote about this on my review blog! Your tweet pushed me to go see this. I thought it was really good. Not amazing or a perfect plot but really good. Affleck was solid as was Jeremy Renner and it was good to see John Hamm deliver a bit more too.

Unknown said...

Portions of the movie were shot directly in front of my apartment. I had the pleasure of waking up to the camera crews and coming home from work to nightly Ben Affleck sightings. It was so crazy to see the production up close. Now I MUST see it this weekend!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

WOW...my guy & I really want to see this film..maybe this weekend! :)))))


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