Apartment #412 - The Etsy Shop : Opening Soon!

(sorry, I’m blogging from work (shhhh!) so this is a picture-less post – but I’ll try to keep it short)

Yup, you read correct. I’m opening up an etsy shop – Apartment #412!

I think I said I was going to do this earlier in the year but just never got around to it. Now that I’m moving and putting all my stuff into storage and I can’t seem to stop thrifting (and finding, I think, great items) this seems to be a good compromise. If it can’t go into my home I still want them to go to good homes – like yours! So I hope you all weren’t just “talking the talk” when you said I have a good eye for this kind of stuff or that you would have bought a particular item I showed if you had seen it – because as of November 1 you’ll be able to! It’s been incredibly hard for me to sort through the items I already have (but never put out) and the items I’ve bought more recently (including this weekend!) to decide what to open the Apartment #412 etsy shop with – I love them all so much and want to keep them – but I’ve narrowed it down to a few items to start out with and as soon as I figure out how to calculate shipping costs I’ll have a “soft opening” of the shop to see if anyone actually buys anything. Some of the items I’ll be opening with?

- Vintage Brass Apple (nice accent for your desk, bookshelf, entry table…)
- Vintage Brass Lilly (this is really cool – it’s just the head of the lily. Again, a nice for your desk, bookshelf, entry table…)
- Set of 6 Crown Sheffield Knives with (Bakelite?) Horn Handles (incredibly chic for table setting for the upcoming holidays, dinner parties..)
- Leaded Crystal Glass Container (It’s shaped like…a hershey kiss. Perfect for jewellery or a glam way to hold office supplies on your desk, or keys at your entry way…)
- Vintage Brass Fleur De Lis Candleholders (Wall mounted. So awesome.)
- Hand-knit Zig-Zag Throw in Green Ombre Colouring (Very Missoni-esque)
- Set of 3 Mis-Matched Milk Glass Candle Holders (Can also be used for single flower stems)
- Small Vintage (Porcelain?) Dish with Floral Print and Scalloped Edges (very shabby chic chic. Would be lovely as a ring dish or a nice way to hold small office supplies (paperclips), or for keys/spare change at the entryway…)
- Set of 4 Black Hexagon Glass Mugs (The shape makes them awesome and then the colour elevates it to another level)
- Vintage Orange Italian Leaded Glass Curvy Vase (Makes a statement even when it’s empty)
- Vintage Brass Tray with Handle (Perfect for mail)

How does this all sound? I hope it sounds good – because the above is a good indication of the kinds of stuff my etsy shop will have. Small home accents. Lots of glass and brass. (I’m only sorry I didn’t pick up that brass bamboo magazine rack last week! Or the mustard yellow lamp with the crackled finish…)

And everything will be very reasonably priced. I’m not doing this to start a full-time or even part-time business. It’s because I can’t stop thrifting (lmao) and I figure the extra cash can go towards my upcoming Indian Adventure.

I hope to have all of your support in this new venture - whether it’s by buying or just blogging the opening, when it arrives, on your own blogs. And I’ll probably do a shop giveaway of some sort for the opening too. So stay tuned because I’ll definitely keep you all posted of what’s going on!


shoppingaholic said...

Are you also gonna ship it to India? Shipment charges please?


LAL said...

I am so psyched for this. I can't wait to see that zig-zag throw.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Can't wait to see. A brass mail tray might have to come to Bklyn.

kay* said...

@shoppingaholic - are you in india? very cool! i'll have to check out your blog when i get home if you have one :) shipping to india? yikes! if it's affordable - why not!

@LAL - yay! if you do a search here for knit throw you'll see one i have but mine is b&w - that's the only difference :)

@Mrs Limestone - I'd love to send something to Brooklyn!

jessica obrien said...

exciting!!! you know you'll have my support in shopping + if you want to make a graphic for my blog sidebar, i'll throw it up. when you go live, we'll work out details! best of luck - enjoy this new endeavor!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm Mrs Limestone MAY be fighting me for that brass mail tray ;) Can't wait to see what's listed!

LindsB said...

Another reason to go see it is that it was filmed in my hometown- yeah for Boston movies!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am sooo excited about this!!!! I've been following your blog for a few months and I love your ideas. I'm preparing to move in a few months and you've given me great inspiration.

Starting my countdown now!!!

shoppingaholic said...

Hey I have a blog.


Let me know the shipment charges. Gosh they are gonna be huge... aren't they? :(


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