Loving Mason Jars

This weekend I started packing up my apartment so I can store everything at my Mom's while I'm in India.....

So why oh why did I decide to just "browse" at my favourite thrift store?

Of course, I ended leaving up with not 1 but 10 mason jars.

But I couldn't pass them up. Especially not for 69 cents each. New. I immediately pictured them filled with dried goods lining my kitchen cupboard (when I get back from India of course!). I just love the look of Mason Jars used for storage.

They are chic but unpretentious...if that makes sense. And they can be used for more than storage - they come in handy for a multitude of purposes.

And I mean seriously...how cute is this invitation? If I were planning a backyard, laid-back, nature style wedding I would totally consider using mason jars as my theme!

I also love the thought of them in an office on a desk holding a bunch of colured pencils. Seriously. Just google "mason jars" and you'll be surprised at the multitude of uses people have come up with for them.

Any of you have any mason jars? What do you use them for?

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CarolAnne - camdesign said...

who new... great post, enjoy India
Regards, Carol Ann x

Anonymous said...

Wow, these photos make mason jars look so chic!

Michelle said...

I love them for lemonade in the shade in the hot, hot summer...or apple cider in the fall...nice.

Maggie Rose said...

I picked up a box of them at a garage sale early last spring for $1 (TOTAL!). Ryan rolled his eyes, but I love them and couldn't pass that up! We use them as candleholders, vases... and I'd love to use them for pantry storage but we already have containers for that. They are a great for all kinds of things and will always be under-the-radar stylish.

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