A Different Kind of Janelle Monae Post...

While most people are now getting hip to songstress Janelle Monae and she's gaining popularity and raves for her music, energetic live performances, and funky style.....

Vogue, August 2008

...when I see her I'm drawn to one thing...

Her flawless skin.

And always perfectly natural makeup

Ohmygosh. I can hardly stand it.

I first came across Monae in the November 2008 issue of Essence magazine:

Essence Magazine, November 2008
I immediately ripped her picture out (the same pictured above) because (1) I loved her makeup look and (2) when I see a picture focusing on makeup with someone who's the same complexion as me I always check out the products used. To this day I still have it tacked up to my inspiration board. She has become my healthy skin and natural makeup idol. Lol.

If you follow me on twitter you know I've been having some issues with my skin lately (seriously, I'm too old to still be breaking out) but earlier this week I went to a dermatologist, got a prescription, and started a new skin routine. I'm also trying to drink much more water. So I'm looking forward to seeing improvement and getting on the road to glowing skin...like Monae's.

Any tips for glowing skin?

*yes I know part of it is probably makeup and airbrushing to the picture...but I still think she looks like she has amazing skin.


DaVida Chanel said...

Sigh....that Essence pic is beautiful. I'm seeking tips as well so I'll be sure to watch your post. I read somewhere that simplifying the skincare routine was a good idea. I bought Cetaphil b/c I see a lot of starlets mention it in interviews.I love Monica's skin and I think she was the first I heard mention it.

Kay* said...

@DaVida Chanel - Hey Chica! My routine is very simple. Wash twice a day (morning and night) using dove at night & apply my prescription from the doctor at night before bed. That's it. The last time I started this routine I did see great improvements in a fairly short amount of time...but then I stopped....so this time I'm going to keep with it! And I I'm going to pick up a good moisturizing lotion for dry spots (which i get more often in cold weather and when i use this prescription)

Plus, on top of drinking more water I'm going to be more on top of changing my pillow case more often and keeping my hands off my face.

I tried cetaphil before but I find it too gentle for me - my skin still didn't feel clean when i was it off.

Hopefully we'll get more good tips from some readers!

Anna @ D16 said...

Okay, first off, I think Janelle Monae is quite possibly the most exquisite female to ever walk the earth. (Did you see my post about her a few months back? I'm still obsessed.) I just love everything about her!

Anyway, you know what's funny? I saw a high-res photo of her a while back that hadn't been retouched, and I got all excited because she had a pimple. Isn't that sad? I was all happy because she's human (not an android, haha). :D

As I mentioned a couple of nights ago on Twitter, I've been using and LOVING Mario Badescu products lately. They really do have a gazillion products, and there's something for every issue - and it all actually WORKS. I've been using the Enzyme Cleansing Gel, the Special Cucumber Lotion, and the three products in their acne kit (each one is meant to treat different types of blemishes). My skin looks so much clearer and brighter and smoother - it's really amazing.

p.s. I'm just about 35 and still have to fight/prevent breakouts so hush up about being too old! ;)

Sing of Singature Style said...

Hey there. I too had wild breakouts starting in my mid 20's. I was using everything thing under the sun to get clear skin, even prescriptions. It wasn't until recently that I tried the Oil Cleansing Method. This consists of using 100% natural oils (my mix is Jojoba, Grapeseed and Tea Tree Oil) and washing my face with that morning and night as if it were soap. I was hesitant at first, but it really does unclog pores and reduce breakouts. Do a google search for the exact directions, it works!

Anonymous said...

I, like you, have breakouts... but lately, they've been clearing up. I've heard the key is drinking water (which I try to MAKE myself do) because I don't drink much of anything unlss I am eating!

Good luck doll!

Michelle... said...

TEA TREE OIL. So, my skin was still a mess in the constant 90 degree heat this summer (yay sweat!), but I still think tea tree oil is the best thing since sliced bread. It works the same way as products like benzoyl peroxide, without the side effects of harshness and bleaching of fabrics you touch, etc. I use a Burt's Bees face wash, plus exfoliating face wash once a week, then squirt my face with the tea tree oil, let it dry, then moisturizer. At night i just do wash and lotion.

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