Making Dreams Come True

Two of the most poetic bloggers I've ever come across are Maryam of My Marrakesh and Karey M. of Mackin Ink. Do you read these blogs? If not, and you're a fan of beautiful imagery and words, you're truly missing out. They have such a way with words that I can't imagine how day-to-day conversations with them would sound; almost as if it came from a magical fairy tale I imagine. They are both so inspiring and have done/are doing things that I dream to do in the future that reading their blogs is like daily inspiration for me...and a glimpse into a life that sounds so exotic.
For the weekend I'll leave you with a bit of these words from Maryam's blog that I find truly inspiring. I plan on printing off the entire post and putting it on my refrigerator AND inspiration board...so I can see it every day. The image I 'borrowed' from Karey's site.

"Dear Friends,

No one told me that this Marrakech dream of mine would take so long and would cost so much.
No, no one told me that I would spend my days hoping but my nights worrying....
No. No one told me.
But I've figured something out.
Making dreams come true isn't about brilliance.
After all, the world is filled with brilliant people who sit in cubicles year after year..."

Have a dreamy weekend! Tons of (I think) great posts coming up next week including my tips for decorating a small space on a budget and I'll show you all my latest thrift find. An incredible dining table. For a total steal!


karey m. said...

ahahahaha! i am a dork when i speak. i really am. i use "like" way too much. panic and fill the air with complete nonsense. you would NOT be impressed. at all.

but still...this made my morning. {i STILL can't get used to you posting so much! proud of you, though. and enjoying it. xoxo.}

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