Gaga for Gaga

Call me late to the game but I'm officially on the Lady Gaga bandwagon. Yup, I'm 100% gaga for Gaga. Prior to last week I was undecided about her. Actually, to be honest, I didn't really care one way or the other. I hadn't seen any of her music videos (I haven't really paid attention to music videos for like 3 years) or her live performances and was like "hm. whatevs. a new pop 'character' with no real talent..." But lately at the gym I'd been playing the 'Poker Face' remix a lot - loving it more and more each time. Then I remembered I DID see her perform 'Paparazzi' on TV and it was an...interesting performance and I quite liked the song. So I did what I normally did when an artist intrigues me. I youtube-d her.

And that is when I realized she CAN ACTUALLY SING! AND she play's the piano. She's entertaining and seems to put on a good show. Sold. This is the performance that did it for me:

This one is pretty entertaining too:

And then I heard her new single 'Bad Romance' and that pretty much cemented the deal. The beginning of that song? LOVES it. The rest has grown on me too over the week. Now that I'm into her it's like she's popping up that much more (though I know it's the same as before I'm just more aware of her now). This past weekend I caught her on SNL and earlier this week she was on 106 & Park (missed that one) and now every time I turn on the radio I hear her. And I'm totally diggin' it.

What about you - any Gaga fans reading?


thatShortchick said...

I'm really glad that you shared that first video of Lady Gaga because, truthfully, I never thought she could sing. Her whole "look" is kind of distracting to me and the times that I hear her songs on the radio, they just sound overly-produced.

So I'm glad to finally learn that she can indeed sing.

Kay* said...

@thatShortChick - hahaha "distracting" is a good word to describe her look. I know what you mean, I thought she was just heavily produced too. So to find she can sing is really surprising...and refreshing in this day and age of talent-less pop stars. In her performances she seems to interact and connect with her fans/audience which I like too. Glad to share what I learned with you - maybe you'll be the next Gaga convert??? ;)

micah said...

I really like lady gaga too! She never lip syncs which is awesome. I saw her in concert before she was very well-known and she put on a great show.

btw, thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Shop Girl* said...

I cannot stop listening to Bad Romance. I think she is completely bizarre and her sense of style, while unique, is CRAZY--I looooove her music.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing! They are both great performances. I admit I was in the same place as you.. was not super familiar with her, but for me after seeing her on SNL I was super impressed. Now I'm heading over to You Tube to check out more!

Jeanette said...

I just jumped on the Gaga bandwagon myself. I love her. She's extremely talented. I'm trying to get tickets to her concert here in Miami.

chess said...

You have just used the exact word for Gaga, "distracting". Actually, I don't like Lady Gaga personally but I love her songs, lol.

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