A DIY Pink & Gold Christmas

Two posts in one day. Awesome.
I know we're barely into the Holiday season yet but I can't help it. As soon as Halloween ended I took it as the go-ahead to start DIYing Christmas decor. I've already began some projects that are super duper simple, INEXPENSIVE, and (I think) beautiful and festive without being...TOO Christmas-y looking. I'll blog them in greater detail soon so you can make them yourselves if you want to - but I wanted to show you all a picture of some of what I've been working on.

One of the things I was most excited about doing when I moved out into my own apartment was decorating for Christmas. Since this is my first Christmas in my own apartment I'm a bit excited. It may be a small apartment but that doesn't mean it will be bare. I think decoration wise I will stick to festive vignettes around the apartment...and I'm debating a tree. Yup, a tree for Howard and I. I've already decided the colours I'll try and stick to for decorations will be shades of pink, gold and twine (for a natural feel). I'm looking forward to how it all comes together. Hopefully, I won't slack off and I'll get it done well before December.

p.s. The surprise birthday dinner for my sister last night was a HUGE success. When we walked in the restaurant everyone was hidden behind a corner and when we got to the table area they popped out and yelled surprise! She was SO SURPRISED and thisclose to tears. She couldn't get over the fact that we managed to keep a secret (she's the WORST at keeping surprises) and had the biggest smile on her face the entire night. She's said she'll never forget that birthday and was on such a high when she got home she didn't fall asleep until almost 3 in the morning! SUCCESS.


Anna said...

Fab glitter pine cones. Just love them. Unfortunately my husband has banned glitter in our house due to last years xmas crafting endeavours.

Brownelovely said...

Great ideas for the pinecones...my fiance' won't allow any more pink in the house. LOL, I went overboard with out daughter!

Mandy said...

Ah, how awesome. I love your DIY projects and I know I 'm just going to love your Christmas ones. The colors you are sticking too are fabulous. And of course you should have a tree!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a lovely color combo. I think I'm going to get my Mom and sis together to make glitter pine cones!

escapade said...

So so pretty! Love this project.
Hope you had a lovely time.

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