Surprise Tears & a Chic Tissue Holder

As you're reading this I'm in the midst of getting ready for my sisters SURPRISE dinner party that her boyfriend and I are throwing for her later this evening. She's completely clueless and it took sneaking around on his part to get the numbers/names of everyone I needed to invite but it was worth it...I can't wait to see her reaction when me, her & her boyfriend walk into the restaurant and she sees 16 of her closest friends and our younger brothers gathered to celebrate her big milestone birthday. She'll be even more delighted when she see's that her boyfriend and I went halfs on this (different colour and slightly different shape though) - which she didn't hint at...she more like flat out said "you guys had better be going halfs on that bowl!" (she's funny) but we've managed to (I think) convince her that it was out of our budget right now. Ha! So yup, she should be very surprised. She's a crier so I'm really crossing my fingers for some tears!

With tears and such in mind, I was browsing The Selby earlier today and came across this photo of a tissue holder in one of the homes that was featured. Who knew a tissue holder could be chic?! As soon as I find the foot pedal for my sewing machine I'll be attempting to make this...doesn't look like it should be TOO hard, eh?

Happy Sunday.


Beauty Is Diverse said...

Hope your sister enjoys the party. And the tissue holder is something I need.

Mandy said...

I hope you have a great time!

Lovely Little Nest said...

Too cute! Have fun :)

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