Bad Romance Is Baaad. In a Good Way.

True to my new found obsession with Lady Gaga I find the new video for her latest single 'Bad Romance' absolutely mesmerizing. A total feast for the eyes. And the heels? Insane. If I even attempted to try one on it would certainly result in a broken ankle.

Your thoughts?


Beauty Is Diverse said...

I heart this video, she is working the Alexander Mcqueen outfits and heels from the spring 2010 collection FAB.

Mandy said...

I think shes an interesting person and I love her music. Its very catchy and oftentimes helps me through my day. I could never in a million years even try those shoes on.

Carolina said...

Indeed they are the Alexander McQueen ferocious heels!! This video is beyond fierceness...I literally watched the video 10 times to make sure I caught everything!

gaga has stepped up the game to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL!!!

love it.

Katelin said...

lady gaga is crazy and i love her for it.

micah said...

Love it! I would kill myself in those shoes.

Anonymous said...

I love Lady Gaga, she steps it up and pushes the envelope, all at the same time. And doesn't she remind you of Britney Murphy (especially when she's dancing without the mask on)? Or is it just me?

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