Stop The Insanity


Someone really needs to keep me out of my favourite thrift shop.

For some reason I just decided to go in today and have a browse....here's some of what caught my eyes:

I thought this clutch was kinda cool. Has a Native kinda feel.
I think it was about $4.99
I really loved this lamp.
I was drawn to the mustard yellow colour and it had a sorta cracked
like finish in the paint (not in the texture). Hard to walk away from.
This really cool brass thingy...I love the bamboo feel and would use it for magazines.
I kind of want to go back and get it. It needs a good shining with brass polish but for $12.99 not bad.

They had some unopened vintage wall paper. Really fun with this huge floral print.
On a single wall  or foyer I think this would be fun. It was less than $2 for the roll.
Sticking with the retro theme I spotted these 2 needlepoint art pieces.
Not for me but they could work in the right space. I think they were $3.99 each.

And there was a bunch of other stuff I forgot to snap pictures of. So did I end up actually leaving with anything? Of course I did! Who CARES that I'm packing up and moving all my things into storage in less than two weeks?!? I just could not pass up these 3 (only 2 pictured) oversized glass bottles.

I realize it's hard to tell the scale in this picture but they are pretty big - about 2 feet tall.

They aren't that cheap thin glass - these are really heavy and solid. One has a slightly blue green tint, one has a grid pattern, the other is plain. For $5.99 each I KNOW they are a steal. I've seen them used in enough design photos to know that they look incredibly chic filled with branches or left empty as a bit of a statement. Can't wait to unpack them in...oh a year and a half.


Totally forgot to mention I also picked up a white ceramic snail vase (I'll take a picture later) which reminds me of my monkey ceramic vase...same kinda feel. Plus it was $1.99. And, well...you know...I just couldn't leave it.

I also got a little black velvet pouch thingy that I figure I can use to hold some makeup or something...it's small, black plush velvet...I just had to have it. I'll find some use for it. And for 69 cents it was a no brainer.


Wallpaper said...

Wow These are all great finds!! I need to know which thrift store you hit up? please email me if you don't want to share here...



Mandy said...

I love that you keep going thrifting! That clutch is pretty. And I am jealous of your glass bottles. I may have to start going thrifting for things like that. I need big glass bottles like that for wine!

Maggie Rose said...

Ugh, your thrift stores are SO much better than the ones I've been hitting up. I would SO get that bamboo magazine rack. Yes yes yes!

Emily A. Clark said...

I love the glass jars! I never pass glass containers up; you can use them for so many things. And, I would've totally bought that brass magazine rack :)

Sing of Singature Style said...

Thrifting is addictive, so I"m not surprised, especially when you seem to have a great thrift store to shop at. That clutch is very unique, love it.

Jessica O'Brien said...

ooooh, great finds! i have a fruit bowl (ivory) with that same crackle look. it's such a beautiful, subtle detail.

my husband's store, The Green Life, sells recycled glass vases / jugs similar to the ones you've found, for home decor. so yes, yours are a great steal!

Unknown said...

very nice finds, I wish I had more time to browse my local thrift stores...i just love it!

DaVida Chanel said...

Your thrift stores are awesome! You always find such great things!

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