Not Just Furniture

I don't just find furniture at my favourite thrift stores...and I wanted to share some of my other regular finds with you all.

Honestly, I'm super picky with things I buy at thrift stores. I don't mind a nick or two on large pieces (like my recent credenza find or my dining table) but with things I have to touch...those need to be on point. No tears, stains, or (shudder) odours. Basically it has to look brand spanking new. As someone still getting used to shopping at thrift stores I haven't yet braved the inner aisles (the ones with clothes) and don't know that I will any time soon (though I really need to get over my stigma of it because I see other bloggers with AMAZING finds) but when making my rounds in addition to stopping in the furniture aisle I do stop in the handbag aisle, small home accessories and books. I ONLY buy books that appear to be in brand new condition and have added quite a few reads to my shelves lately....none costing me more than $3.99 (for hardcover).

But I wanted to share some of my recent handbag finds with you all. I don't have much luck with big bags (I love a big bag!) but small purses and clutches....lotsa luck there!

$2.99 - It's not a print! It's actually...rattan (?) So cool for the coming warm months.
It has a long braided leather strap but I plan on carrying it like a clutch.

$1.99 - You know how much I love gold! It's textured and has a reptile-ish print. Very flat & thin.
Perfect for a night out!

$4.99 (most expensive one to date!) I photographed turquoise-y but it's actually gray (with a bit of blue...). 
Long strap to go cross the body. It's actually this one from the Gryson for Target line.
Perfect for the spring/summer when I'm just carrying the basics.

I also get a lot of my picture frames from thrift stores...

As much as I love Ikea for certain things these price tags can't be beat and they are great quality. I just bought the large one (actually got two of 'em) this week & the smaller one last week. And if you see a great frame with an ugly picture - buy it and when you get home take the picture out! If you're planning a gallery wall this would be a super affordable way to get a bunch of frames all at once. If you want them to be the same colour - just spray 'em.

So - that's it. Just wanted to let you all know that even if you're not in the market for furniture you can find some great smaller items while thrifting. Now go forth! Lol.


Anonymous said...

This is some great stuff! Geez, from looking at these blogs, Louisville, KY is really lacking in the thrift area.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That's it, I'm coming to Canada and going thrift shopping with you. I love those purses!!! Great finds.

ashlina {the decorista} said...

i am so the same....frames at thrift stores are the best! love.

Mandy said...

I'm coming to Canada with Jessica! Thrifting with you is going on my life list. I love the rattan bag. I have a bag that my mom made back in the 70s, its a macrame one that I absolutely love.

Anonymous said...

Great finds!!! I love the Gryson for Target bag. As far as the clothing goes, my mindset is that after I wash it with my own detergent and with hot water, its the same as my other clothes in the wash. :)

The best finds I've ever found are 2 Express winter coats and an authentic white Burberry button down shirt!

Good luck with your future clothing thrift adventures! :D

Zeitoune M-P said...

Wow, you are such a pro at thrift shopping. You know I am very open to thrift shopping but a lot of my buddies at work think it is just nasty to buy "used". They just do not get it! We can save so much money and get more unique items! Good job AGAIN Kay :-)

A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

i also found thrift stores as the best sources for picture frames!

Anonymous said...

I too feel a little weird about buying things second hand and have also spotted numerous bloggers with amazing, stuff. Maybe I should just man up and go already!


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Great buys, but wait until you see the bags I got...I couldn't believe it myself.

priscilla said...

That rattan bad is very cool.

Moosette said...

Fabulous finds! I love the skinny clutch - so cute!

Jai said...

Hi Kay!
Long time reader, rare commentator here! I'm also from Toronto..well, technically, I live in Woodbridge...and have seen my budget drastically shrink as I returned to grad school. You find such fantastic items in Toronto's thrift stores. Do you have any recommendations as to where is the best thrift shops? There's a quaint little one in Woodbridge, but they don't carry furniture or larger items. I appreciate your help!
Thanks so much!

Meander said...

Love your bags and love your blog! I'm adding you to my roll right now doll!

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