The Next Chapter: I'm Moving To India!

***I'd like to preface this by saying I was planning on doing this post as a video post - my first. I knew what I was going to say, I got a fancy new camera that shoots hi-def video and it was going to be totally cute.....but I can't figure out how to get video OFF the camera ONTO my computer lmao. So I'll do a video post later.***

Yup, you read right. I'm moving to India - for 1 year to volunteer. Those of you who follow me on twitter already know this, and other regular readers might know this too from this post and this post....but for those of you who pop in every now and then you might have missed the whole thing since it was a decision that was made over a few weeks/posts.

So, yeah, that's the next chapter for me! And while I'm a bit nervous, I've never done anything like this, I'm also excited. Pursuing a career in International Development has been something I've been seriously thinking about doing for the past 2 years and I've always wanted to live abroad, in another culture, for the experience. So this will give me the opportunity to do both.

You're probably wondering when I leave. Well, it was supposed to be in November - yes, as in 3 weeks from now! But shortly after I accepted the placement offer (and in turn got accepted by the organization back in July) my sister found out that she is pregnant - I'm going to be an Aunt!!! I know, so much excitement, right?! So I asked the volunteer organization if there was any way my arrival could be postponed to the next arrival date - which is March. It was a long shot. Chances were they would find another volunteer to go in November and find another placement for me (possibly in another country). After learning about the placement and learning more about India (and thinking about the countries in the area I could easily travel to) my heart was really set on going. So I waited. And at the end of August I attended a pre-departure training with other volunteers in Ottawa for 5 days. And while I was there - I got confirmation that they would reschedule my arrival for March!

To me, this was like another sign that I'm on the right path. Cheesey as it may sound, when it comes to this opportunity everything just seems to be falling into place and working out. It's like...this is what I should be doing.

Oh, and today I got my scheduled arrival date....6 days BEFORE my niece/nephew is due! I told my sister come February she better pop that sucker out - eat some spicy foods or something lolol.

SO that is why Apartment #412 is now empty. I decided to move home to save up some extra cash before March. It just makes the most sense financially...

And, with this new chapter in my life and this new adventure comes............

....a new blog! Again, those of you who follow me on twitter already know about my new travelogue.  It's called From India. With Love. and that is where I will blog EVERYTHING related to my upcoming move to India (and where I will blog full-time come March). Even though I'm not leaving until March I'm blogging there right now - my thoughts, preparation (I'm taking Hindi classes!)...and yes some decor stuff too :) I mean, I will have to decorate my flat while I'm there! So I'd love for you all to "follow" me over there too! If you want to follow me on my new adventure - that's where I'll be doing it...complete with lots of pictures! So go on, click over and take a look - I hope you like it! (and if you scroll to the bottom of FIWL you'll see the 'follow' button).

Just to clarify, Yes - I know I've started many blogs in the past. But to be clear as of right now, as I type this, I post on only two blogs. This one here that you're reading and From India. With Love. Some of you may want to know "Why the new blog? Why not just blog about your new adventure here?" and that is totally a valid question. To answer it I'll say...I just wanted a new space that was for this new adventure and chapter in my life. It's like.....you know when you start a new job - you buy a new outfit, or a new purse, or shoes...well, it's like that. The new blog is the equivalent of my new "outfit."

So what will happen to Apartment #412? Well, I'll continue to blog here, the type of posts that you're used to, until then the end of the year. But I'll also be blogging at FIWL. And, come the new year I'll only be blogging on FIWL. I figure come January things will start getting really busy for me and it will probably be hard to maintain both. But don't worry. I'll let you all know before this blog goes quiet :)

So that's it for now. This post is pretty long and if you've read this far thank you! I also want to thank everyone who left a comment or thoughts on moving abroad for a year. I read every single one, several times, and it blows my mind that you all take time to leave such thoughtful comments. I really appreciate it and will say it again, I have some of the best blog followers on the 'net :)

It's Thanksgiving Day here on Monday & it's a long weekend. I'll see you on Tuesday!

And don't forget to go check out my new blog (www.fromindia--withlove.blogspot.com)! And become a follower :)


Beauty Is Diverse said...

OMG, congrats. I'll be following your new blog of course.

P.S. I love this... said...

WOW congrats!! Your opportunity is awesome and I can't wait to hear more via your new blog.

Tiera said...

I'm so excited for you and your new adventure! I'm looking forward to some amazing India pics on the new blog :)

LJK. said...

This is so exciting! It seems that 2011 is going to bring several new adventures. Enjoy the ride.

Tiffany said...

yay! So excited for you and how exciting for your sister!! I'm totally following your new blog and can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Anonymous said...

good luck to you and your sister!! cheers!

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