Deals, Meet-Ups, & Courage

So I just wanted to quickly pop in and share two things with you all.

First, thanks to tweeps on twitter I found out that Gap is having a pretty good promotion/deal right now. Bring in ANY pair of old/worn jeans that you no longer want/wear and get 30% of any pair of jeans from their new 1969 line. It doesn’t have to be an old pair of Gap jeans – it can be ANY PAIR OF JEANS. And yes my fellow Canadians – this promotion is for us too, I went in and checked :) (I hate it when you hear about a good deal/promotion only to find out it’s only in the U.S.) Oh, it also applies to kids & baby denim, so this may be a good time to get a pair or two for your kiddos if you have ‘em. I’m going to get two pairs on my lunch break….I think this is going on until the 20th of Oct. but you may want to double check.

Second, and this is for my fellow Canucks (if you’re wondering what that is/means you probably aren’t one!), you know how you always hear about design blogger meet ups in cities like Chicago and NYC and you always wonder – why not one here too? Well, Viatania of Verdigris de Vie, Daniella of Dress Design and Decor, and Jennifer of Rabling Renovators are in the midst of coordinating a Canadian Designer Blogger meet-up taking place in Toronto! I just got an email from them that the date will be November 20th with location/more details to come. The ladies are also setting up a site (which should go live next week) to keep us all updated but in the meantime, if you’re interested, you can drop them a line at cdndesignbloggers(at)gmail.com to be added to the mailing list. I’ll be going and I hope if you’re a Canadian design blogger, and you can make it, that you go too! I’d love to finally meet some of you in person.

That’s it from me today. Have you checked out my new travelogue From India. With Love. yet? If not, click over and take a look. With my upcoming move to India to volunteer a lot of people have been calling/telling me I'm inspiring and brave so I did a post this week on Courage. It took me a while to write and it's one of my blog posts that I’m particularly proud of. I would love your feedback and to hear what you think about it and on courage in general.

Happy Friday!


Anna @ D16 said...

"you know how you always hear about design blogger meet ups in cities like Chicago and NYC"

You know what's funny? I have NEVER heard of one in NYC until after (or during) the fact. And even then, I have no idea who any of the attendees are/were.

Sometimes I think I live in a social vacuum.

shoppingaholic said...

HI read the whole post and checking itg out now!!


shoppingaholic said...

I also love the name of your blog, it reminds me of the messages that I always leave on the fellow bloggers who live outside of India.

From India, With love.


Unknown said...

what a great blog!

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