New FLOR tiles!

While I know FLOR tiles are a good idea (easily being able to switch out one tile when it gets dirty, creating your "own" rug pattern ) I haven't been the biggest fan of them. I dunno why. Just hadn't seen a pattern that really appealed to me (and yes I know you can get them plain....)

But I just saw these ones and LOVE them.

I love how this entire image is styled...Ohh to have all those hermes boxes...or that table...
Or you can configure the tiles like this!
(Minus the solid blue tiles which I'm not a fan of)
At just $12.99 a tile you can put together a 5x7 rug for just under $160!  I definitely see some of these floor tiles in my future (in you know - 1.5 years). Oh, they're called Sophistikat if you're interested :)

This one is pretty cool too:

Available here.


Living Foxy said...

I love the Chevron Print Rug. I'm in the market for a new rug myself.


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