One More Time

Last time asking. I promise.

If you haven't yet voted, or even if you have, can you please vote (again?). Maybe a couple of times in a row? They'll all count.

Here's the link.

I'm #131.

I'd really appreciate it.

Voting closes at Noon today.

Thank you (& thank you so much to everyone who's already voted!)


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Good Luck! Great resolutions (and great prize!!) Hope you win! (voted several times, hope it makes a bit of a difference) :)

Mrs. Limestone said...

Voted for you - good luck!

Mandy said...

DOne and Done. Best of luck dear!

LindsB said...

I voted a few times for you...I hope you win it!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I've got your back... just voted!

Michelle... said...

Good luck! and if you don't get it, keep your eyes out. Though my bag isn't quite as padded and fancy, I'm currently using a regular The Sak handbag I found on Overstock that has short and long straps. I just keep my camera and lenses in neoprene cases for extra protection...though Kelly's bag is sooooo utterly tempting, I'm forcing myself to stick with the $70 bag for the time being.

shella said...

I've voted but I couldn't vote again tonight because the dead line has passed...Im still sending you positive good luck vibes!

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