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Last night, through a series of clicks, I discovered that Rita Konig (former 'Girl About Town' Domino contributor)  is now contributing to T Magazine Blog. Maybe some of you already knew this but I certainly didn't. I read tons of design blogs too and haven't seen it mentioned so I wanted to share my discovery...just in case some of you have missed it as well. We all loved Domino so it's nice to see what some of the writers are up to.

Let me just say, Rita's Inside Out column certainly doesn't disappoint. I spent the better part of an hour going through the archives and it's great! Not only doesn't she post about decorating her new NYC apartment (with pictures!) she also blogs about some of the client projects she's working on. I enjoy that her writing style is very...approachable. She seems to be posting about relate-able issues that anyone in a small space and without an unlimited budget (*ahem* me!) can relate to.

In one post she writes about reinventing her sofa & the result - isn't the after great?



And in yet another she writes about using her closet space as a home office:

She even gives a peek into designer Tom Delavan's new studio space:

Really great posts & I'm happy to have stumbled on it.
Hope you enjoy poking around it as much as I did!

*BTW, if you're not sure who Rita Konig is perhaps this picture jog your memory:

It was, I think, one of the most blogged photos/spreads from Domino and it belonged to Rita. What a fab space it was!

*All images, except for the last, from Inside Out column.


###### said...

cool sofa

kellye said...

I LOVED Domino and am so happy you posted this! I will definitely start reading her column now. Thanks!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I didnt know!!! i love rita she is amazing!! thanks for sharing!!!

LindsB said...

I did not know that she was writing for them now, thanks so much for the heads up- I love her work!

Kyla Roma said...

Love it! These photos make me want to paint our house, badly. We have the most intensely yellow interior paint from the last owners and it honestly makes photography in my house extremely difficult. You can't even colour correct away all the yellow!

SAJ said...

nope didn't know that! Thanks for sharing. Off to check out that blog now.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Love the couch before and after. Great inspiration!

CinnamonAndSass said...

What a lovely blog you have here! Can't wait to see what's next!

Unknown said...

very cool.. going to check it out, as soon as I read all through your fantastic blog!

Alkemie said...

I love it when closets are used as office spaces. Such a great way to design for small spaces.

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