Help Me With This Wall

Excuse the not so great photos. I snapped them with my iPhone and actually - they're not so bad. I tried to fix 'em up a bit too.

So this wall in my apartment is causing my a bit of distress. I don't know what to do on it and it needs something! First, here are the issues (as I see them):

1. The way I have my desk laid out doesn't leave much space between it (the desk) and the problem wall. So I can't put something on it that's too deep. I don't want it to feel cluttered or tight.

2. I don't want to do any type of fun paint treatments on it because it joins onto the hallway wall which has already has a fun graphic paint treatment (you can see in the bottom pic) and I don't want them to clash.

3. Just putting a small table won't really work. It needs something a bit more substantial.

4. It's a small space. Not only is it my 'work' area it's also my entryway as you can see. So, I don't want to clutter it.

I've had a few thoughts of what to do but I'm not 100% on any of them. I spotted this bench which I thought I might be able to easily paint and recover. It would definitely be functional - I could sit and put my shoes on or while people are waiting for me they could have a seat. But...I dunno. It seems like it might not be substantial enough for the wall. The idea  I'm leaning most towards is this malm console from Ikea. It has a hidden-type drawer which would be useful and I don't think it's too deep. And then maybe I could do something like this to it....Above I'm thinking maybe a really large black & white framed photograph...but what would sit on the console itself? (I don't want to put office supplies!)

So that's the idea I'm leaning most towards BUT I know you all are filled with great ideas so I wanted to see what you might have in mind. The only requirements: not too cluttered and it has to be functional. As you can tell from the pictures I keep a few pairs of shoes right at the door and as much as I'd like to put them in the closet as soon as I walk in the door - I don't. And that's not likely to change. Just being honest.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Have you thought about installation art? I'll email you some ideas later.

Mandy said...

I like the idea of a console! I think that a picture above it would look great as well.

Mrs. Limestone said...

What about a wall mounted console and then your large framed photo on top? A wall mount will make it feel a lot more spacious than something on the floor will.

I definitely think you need something to fill the space on the wall so furniture alone won't do it.

Or if you don't need a table there, what about taking the bookshelf you have on the far wall and moving it to this wall (right of the desk). Then fill the remaining space with some large vintage posters or photos or even your own canvases painted as you like.

ashlina {the decorista} said...

i agree with the ladies above.
consoles are amazing to dress up and add some art/flowers/mirrors/etc.
a place to display beautiful things in a creative way....like a store window.

or the bench could be a really cute idea with either a gallery wall of art or maybe one huge piece of art above it for some color.

im sure whatever you do will be fantastic.
well wishes :)

Claire said...

I love the console you found!! Some embroidery hoops on the wall spray painted black with some light pink patterned fabric to play with your hallway would be fun!! Maybe the fabric could have some blacks and grays to tie in your console and your Molly Sims inspired piece! Or if you don't like the hoops black frames with patterned fabric or paper would even work with your white framed cork board!! Have fun!! I LOVE a blank wall!!! ;)

Internalist said...

I like the Malm console. I cannot remember if you have any large mirrors in that room but if not I would also suggest hanging one (of the same wood or color) right above that console.

Anna said...

I'm thinking a console, with maybe some hooks over the top (really pretty ones - I have some great wire flower ones) then you could hang your bag or jewellery and stuff? Keep stuff off the floor but also look stylish?

Or perhaps a wire cubby hole type affair....vintage one. Just off the top of my head. I'm just thinking as it's your entry way you need more than just a console....it needs to be a little more functional in some way.

ceecee said...

I was thinking a large mirror hanging on top of the console.
You can place a bowl for your keys and fresh flowers with a picture frame of you & your family.

Carrie said...

Maybe a floating shelf with some fabulous thrift store finds atop it, combined with framed photos and art of different sizes (with similar frames)?

shella said...

I like the malm console too. Your place looks really nice (I like the floors!)

Anonymous said...

Hola! I think some wonderful hooks for purses, coats, & scarves are in order since it appears next to what is an outside door. Maybe a floating shelf for keys and a shoe rack below?

If you don't want any of that I also vote for console :-)

I love your blog and this is my first time commenting.

LindsB said...

What about moving the bookcase thats on the other wall over behind the desk and getting another one that matches. Or just get another large, yet narrow bookcase for that space and make it an office separated from the rest of the room by the couch. Also that way it would give all the attention to that awesome artwork you made.

Kay* said...

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for you comments & suggestions so far. I'm loving all the ideas - some I hadn't considered - so keep 'em coming :)

Just wanted to add another piece of info that might be helpful to know - it's hard to tell, but in that bottom picture there's actually a large hall closet where I store jackets, scarves, hats... - outdoor shoes not in rotation etc. I plan on putting a few hooks in there for my in rotation bags (the others are in my bedroom closet) & only leaving out the 'currently in use' bag on whatever I decide to put/do here.

Anne At Large said...

I would think it would be a little crowded/busy with a console behind the desk so I would be more inclined to go with Carrie's suggestion, some sort of floating shelf so you can still have a vase of flowers or something and some art. I just imagine a console that close behind my desk and I know it would get either a. constantly elbowed whenever I got out of my chair or b. covered in desk clutter.

SAJ said...

I too was thinking about a large mirror. Looks like the wall may be opposite a window? And then surround the mirrow with some funky prints/artwork? Since you have storage so close by with the closet having yet another storage solution so close may be overkill.

Michelle... said...

I'm always a huge fan of large mirror over console table. It's classic. And then you can accessorize with things like a lamp, vases, candlesticks, etc. going as cluttered or uncluttered as you like :-). It's also a great spot for a "landing strip". Another suggestion would be some kind of smaller bench or stool (like an old piano bench?) under the console that you can pull out to sit down and take off your shoes and then could also be used as extra seating for guests if need be.

Big walls can be stressful.

Alyssa said...

When I see bare walls, I put stuff on em, so I don't know! I would probably build off the graphic paint design from the hallway and do a giant silhouette painting.
Or a giant bookshelf :D

Anonymous said...

Love the MALM range from Ikea.have them in two rooms in my house. Maybe the console with a floating shelf the same length above it on which a large print could sit - lifting the print a little but leaving only a small space between the shelf/print and the top of the console so that a simple vase of tall flowers on the console would be enough to connect the two. Then a couple of small baskets on the other end of the console to balance it out. On the floor next to the console you could put a colourful ceramic stool or something to add a hit of colour to see as you walk into the room. Just a thought.

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