101 in 1001

I'm sure you've seen this list done by others all over the 'net. Since I love making lists and setting goals for myself I thought "why not write it down and give myself a specific amount of time to accomplish them?" The official site for 101 Things To DO IN 1001 DAYS says your list should be specific. It can include small and big things so long as it takes some kind of effort on your part to get it done. So, without further ado - here's my list...I still need to add 60 more things!!!

Last Updated: January 14, 2010

1. Get a new blog template that I love. 10/30/09
2. Visit Egypt, again, for my big 3-0.
3. Attend an opera.
4. Make smores the traditional way.
5. Go on a vacation with all of my brothers outside of the province.
6. Start a business (even if only part time).
7. Attend a pottery or ceramic class and make something.
8. Contribute something (time/money) to a non-profit organization.
9. Plant fresh sod and a Jamaican flag at my grandmother's resting place.
10. See U2 in concert.
11. See Bon Jovi in concert.
12. See Celine Dion in concert.
13. See Whitney Houston in concert.
14. See Mariah Carey in concert.
15. Attend a taping of Oprah - with my sister.
16. Go on a safari in Tanzania.
17. Eat seafood from the market in Zanzibar.
18. Perfect a smokey eye.
19. Finish my Molly Sims inspired artwork.
20. Buy a car. Or lease one. Whatevs.
21. Save at least 5-figures.
22. Stay at Peacock Pavilions in Morocco.
23. Visit Italy.
24. Get a proper headboard.
25. Have something upholstered in Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon fabric.
26. Find a skincare routine that works!!!
27. Run a marathon...or a half marathon.
28. Take a yoga class.
29. Take a pilates class. 10/30/09
30. Take a krav maga class.
31. Have one of the photos I took in Egypt professionally matted and framed.
32. Get my weight into my ideal weight range - before my 30th birthday.
33. Take a CPR class.
34. Pay tribute to a fallen Canadian solider by standing on the overpass.
35. Take piano lessons - or teach myself to play the piano.
36. Give online dating a try for at least 1 month.
37. Get another tattoo...or two.
38. Go fishing.
39. Build an igloo...or a nice snow fort.
40. Have a photo session with one of my favourite photographers.
41. Make Beef Bourguignon using Julia Child's recipe
42. Host a dinner party (appetizer, main, side, dessert) using recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking
43. Meet at least 3 fellow bloggers in-person
44. Since I can't find affordable ones I want - make throw pillows for my sofa
45. Be professionally fitted for a bra
46. Have a spa day (or afternoon) with at least 2 services
47. Get a brazilian (you'll never know if you like it until you try)
48. Increase my credit score by at least 100 points
49. See more of my country by visiting another province/city in Canada
50. Get my drivers license (the full G class)
51. Save $20 for each completed item on this list...at the end go on a vacation (or a shopping spree)
52. Really find out what it would take to start a non-profit & would would be involved in running one successfully
53. Do something that scares me
54. Compete with Howard in an agility challenge (or something else where he competes)
55. Get Howard pet insurance
56. Take an Egyptology class - strictly for me
57. Get renters/home insurance
58. Make 50 recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking
59. Read the Bible
60. Make my family tree (to the best of my ability)
61. Read Wuthering Heights
62. Make a cookbook of family recipes
63. Really organize my digital images, make prints & put them in albums
64. Have a fantastic wardrobe only comprised of pieces I love
65. Get my personal email inboxes down to 10 (I tend to not delete once I've read...)
66. Join (or start) a book club
67. Host a game night
68. Watch 'Gone with the Wind'
69. Wake up at 6:30 a.m. every morning (8 a.m. on weekends) for an entire month
70. Watch 'The Godfather" Trilogy
71. Do research & write up a concise plan of what it will take to open a guesthouse in Egypt
72. Make 3 new friends (0/3)
73. Write the city about opening a dog park in my area & follow up
74. Learn another language (at least conversational)
75. Try 12 new (to me) restaurants in my city (0/12)
76. At a sushi restaurant order something I've never had before
77. Bake a cheesecake from scratch
78. Go to a basketball game with all of my brothers
79. Teach Howard a trick
80. Clean up/delete/update my bookmarks (online)


Mandy said...

One of these days I really need to sit down and write one of these lists. For the record I suck at actually keeping a list, but I'd like to try. This one is great! You've never made a s'more the traditional way? My heart just cried a little for you.

Jack Astro said...

I did the 101 goals thing. My time is almost up. I accomplished a lot of my goals in the first year. But I also figured out that many of my goals were things that I didn't really care about, which was quite helpful.

Kara said...

Oh, I have a private version of this list for myself. So far I'm about 100 days into it and have completed about 10 items. I'd better pick it up if I want to meet my goals! :)

Beautifully_Me said...

I have never heard of the 101 in 1001 but, like you, I love to make list. So when I get done visiting your blog I'm going to skip over to my blog and create a list of my own. Thanks for the idea!!

Apryl said...

Love the list!! Started mine last year and I really have to remind myself to look at it everyday in order to remember what I need to be working towards. :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely list! I have one myself!
Good luck on accomplishing them!

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