About Apartment #412...& Me


Apartment #412...
...is somewhere in Toronto.
...is a rental.
...is small. Like, just around 600 sq feet (including closets and the 'hall'). If that.
...is a reflection of me.
...makes me happy.
...is my first apartment.
...is filled with DIYs, items I waited until they were on sale to buy, awesome hand-me downs and the occasional yard sale find.
...I can count on one hand the number of things I paid full price for that are in Apartment #412.
...is a continual work in progress.


You can call me Kay. I...
...love interior design.
...am a bookworm. Books, magazines...whatever can be read.
...love to travel.
...love history. It was one of my favourite subjects in school. That and English.
...enjoy crappy reality television - probably more than I should.
...like Johnny Depp. No. I love Johnny Depp.
...I also like Maxwell.
...and Brad Pitt. Oy.
...any of 'em would be my ideal mate.
...have a dog who makes appearances on this blog every now and then.
...have taken a liking to photography. I shoot Nikon but may get a Canon Mark II. We'll see.
...have champagne taste but a beer budget. I'd like to think I make it work. (Did you catch the Tim Gunn reference? That goes back to my enjoyment of reality TV).
...am in my 20's. Well, now my late 20's. Don't ask how old. If you pay enough attention you can figure it out pretty easily.


This is my blog.

I blog about lots of stuff. Mostly to do with decorating my small apartment but I throw in other stuff for interests sake.

Something you STILL want to know about me or curious about? Email me.


Pietra Brandolini said...

Re: your chevron tray...it does look good! Get a medium point or fine point marker in black and go over the areas that the tape made ragged to clean up the lines. Voila!

Anonymous said...

What stores do you frequent to get all your great deals? I'm so jealous! Can you suggest places to go in order to get great finds at a reasonable price?

Monique said...

Found your site via Suwanee. Been here only a split second and I already know I will be back and back and back. Beautiful!

retro fix liss said...

I'm in a similar situation, getting a new apartment in Cali and it's small... reaal small. I'm leaving college this year and I'll start on my teaching credential soon, but in the meantime I'll be decorating my apartment and getting further inspiration from your delectable little blog.

~EssenseVibez~ said...

your blog is so refreshing and key-oot!---i look forward to reading more this this infamous APT. #412---REMAIN BLESSED HUNEY!!

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