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Last updated: November 15, 2009
Everyone who knows me well knows that I'm a bookworm at heart. In every sense of the word. I've always loved reading...for as long as I can remember. As cliche as it sounds, reading has the power, I feel, to transport you to a different time. A different place. It's amazing really. A few years ago I had a little thought. "I should open a little bookstore. A comfy, modern, little store that has not only best-sellers but also hard to find books. And I would have little treats out for patrons. And maybe coffee or tea. And I'd definitely have author readings...." I imagined it would be this trendy, hip spot where I could discuss the latest books and give my opinions and recommendations to those in need. I imagined the conversation going something like this:

Patron: "Hi! What a fantastic store you have here. It's so cute - I could sit here all day..."
Me: "Thank you!"
Patron: "Do you have (insert book name here)? I've heard great things about it."
Me: "I do. I actually read it a few weeks ago. It's (insert my opinion here). Have you ever read (insert another book name here)? It really has a similar vibe. But you should read it - it's really good."
Patron: "Thanks. I think I'll grab it. Hey, have you read...."

And so the conversation would continue over shortbread cookies and peppermint tea.

But that fantasy lasted only for so long before I came to my senses and decided there is no way I could compete with the big box bookstores, Amazon, and even the local pharmacies and grocery stores that now sell new releases at 30-40% off the cover price.

So THIS page of the blog is for book lovers. As I finish a book I'll give my own little review and opinion...constantly updating this page. Heck, I may even implement a star system. Star systems are fun. And if you like reading, love reading, or haven't read in a while and are looking for some suggestions - just check this page out. Also, feel free to comment on any reviews I write or to leave book recommendations for me - I'm always looking for something good to read and currently have 3 books on my list.
November 2009


DaVida Chanel said...


Unknown said...

I would love to hear some of your reviews. When will you start?

Lion-ess said...

I love reading. I read 74 books in 2009 and the aim is to read 100 this yr.

Anonymous said...

wow nice ^^ what would u recommend Me!? :]

Jazz said...

:) LOVE IT! I am a new blogger blogging about Art and Design but since I'm also a book lover myself I too have a page on my blog dedicated to the book lovers out there... (Good to know I'm not the only one) ;)

Your bookstore scenario made me laugh, what book lover hasn't at one point dreamed of owning a charming little bookstore only to realize that Amazon would have us for breakfast?!

Great Blog. *following*


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