Thank you to everyone who entered my Thank You/Holiday Giveaway. Since I chose the winner the old fashioned way (by pulling the name out of a hat!) I thought it would be fun to do a little video blog so you guys could watch as the winner was selected.

This is my FIRST video post (vlog?) so excuse all the "umms" (and I'm not sure why the video quality looks not to great...I swear it's crystal clear on my camera....maybe I'll upload in HD format next time....) but I'll definitely be doing more in the future! If you're on YouTube feel free to subscribe to my channel as well (FIWL2011).

(And just in case you don't feel like watching the video the winner is mentioned below.)

Congratulations to Jason of the blog These Roving Eyes. I've been reading Jason's blog for quite some time now and have had the pleasure of meeting him this past summer; I'm very curious to know what book will be selected! The winner (Jason) has until Friday, December 17 at 11:59 p.m. ET to contact me via email letting me know which 1 of the 9 books he'd like! If Jason does not contact me by then a new winner will be selected and announced on Monday, December 20.

Thanks again everyone! And if you haven't already checked out my new blog please drop by and say hi!


CabinetParts.com said...

Congrats Jason!

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Thank you!!

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

(Didja get my email?)

Kay* said...

yup! got your email...book is on the way :)

ecig said...


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