Blog Love: How About Orange

Are you guys familiar with the blog How About Orange? If not you simply must check it out. Earlier today I spent far too long going through the archives bookmarking future DIYs, downloading wallpapers for my desktop and twitter background, and clicking a bunch of links.

+ Things to Make With Crepe Paper

+ DIY Modern Paper Ornament

+ Make Fabric Prints with Tape

And that is just the very tip of the iceberg. I don't know how she finds all this great stuff or comes up with these awesome DIYs and ideas but my gosh I love it. I also don't know why/how I'm just discovering this blog.....


Lynzy said...

I am always looking for new inspiration, so thanks for sharing! Heading over to the new blog now :)

xo Lynzy

###### said...

wow...there are so many blog out there that i have not a clue about with good info. thnks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Loving those ornaments!!!! Thank you for sharing.

Dolly said...


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