I've been a bad blogger the past few days. I've had a lot on my mind and find that when I am on the internet I'm doing research (reading forums, googling questions and answers, reading expat blogs, etc...) to get some insight, answers, and different perspectives. Plus, for the past few days I've had house guests -  my bestie and her hubby were visiting from Jersey and left yesterday morning. So when my head hasn't been in the clouds or thinking about the future I've been playing good hostess.

But today is Canada Day. A holiday. Meaning a long-weekend filled with BBQs, fireworks, and hanging out with the family. I still need to see Sex in The City 2 (I know! For a fan, it's pretty inexcusable that I have yet to see it) and I hope to finally go this weekend. I hope to really be present this weekend....to just stop stressing. If only for a few days.

In other news -  I'm closer to a decision about going overseas AND I've gotten several questions from you readers for "My Two Cents"! Thank you so much for sending along your questions and images. I've gotten some GREAT questions and thank you guys for being interested in hearing what I come up with. If you have yet to get a confirmation email from me sit tight - it's coming. And if you have received a confirmation you can look forward to seeing your question and answer in a blog post coming soon. I'm hoping to have at least one or two answered next week - so stay tuned!

And a few recent pics of Howard. Because seriously, he's just too cute. I bought him a pool a few weeks ago because the weather was hot. Yes, I bought him a pool. He just stands. Then hops out. But it's the cutest thing you've ever seen. (sorry for the quality...quick iPhone snaps)

Have a great weekend!
(and keep those questions coming!)


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Howard is too cute, and enjoying that pool too.

###### said...

awww look at howard....lookin like a toddler.

Anonymous said...

Howard is a cutie!!!!

dagmara said...

Howard is so lucky! I was thinking of buying one for my poochies but Ruby doesn't really like water. We took her to to the beach once when it was really hot out - so hot the hot sand was making the dogs yelp when their paws touched it - and we put her in the water and she proceeded to sit, shivering, pouting to go home while every other dog frolicked in the water. I should rename her Diva.

JFaye said...

I LOVE Howard. He's so darn cute in that pool. I hope everything settles out for you soon.

T said...

Happy Canada Day (and weekend). It's the 4th of July (Independence Day) here and we are getting it IN!!!! LOL!

ephemerette said...

Howard + pool = cuteness overload! just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and I've awarded you a versatile blogger award over on ephemerette, come get it x

Gabriela Ciobanu said...

inspiring pictures! lovely blog

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