Weekend Plans

Yikes! I totally almost forgot that Earth Hour is taking place tomorrow. My plan was to go to dinner with a girl friend and then finally go see Avatar (FINALLY!)...so while I won't be completely in the dark...I kinda will? That still counts right? This weekend I also plan on giving myself an at home facial, washing my hair (a much longer process than you may think), and my mother has asked me to paint her kitchen. Yeah, she really did. I casually said - I feel like painting something...meaning somewhere in MY apartment and she took that as a sign that I wanted to paint her kitchen - which is due for a new paint job. We'll see about that.

What are your plans?


Mandy said...

Sounds like fun plans! Do you make the facial yourself? I've always wanted to make my own but never have. Tomorrow I am going to Pittsburgh with my 13 year old cousin, we're going to the mall and just generally hanging out for the day.

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