Creating My (Bedroom) Vision

Week 1 in Apartment Therapy’s 2009 Fall Cure is about ‘Creating Your Own Vision’ (what am I talking about? see this post ) and came with three tasks.

Task #1 - “Create a list of big & small things that need to be fixed in the space and things that are missing/needed.”

My list:
  • paint baseboards white
  • paint entire room? (what colour)
  • add curtains to finish off window
  • proper night tables (no more dog crate!)
  • drawers for storage
  • change light fixture?
  • focal point for the bed - headboard!
  • creative way to display jewelry
  • full length mirror (every girl should own one right?)
  • decide on some kind of style direction!!!!!!!!!
Task #2 - “Create a style tray for inspiration.” I have dozens of inspiration photos saved to my computer and have them organized into rooms (bedroom, kitchen/dining, entryway, accents, for the wall, etc...). I went through my bedroom folder and really pulled what attracted me. The last time I did this (early in the summer) I found that the photos were so different in style - I just couldn’t really pull a direction. This time though, a clear direction/style emerged...here’s my current style tray for my bedroom:

Task #3 - “Bring in one thing of beauty (flowers) and remove one thing that doesn’t get used.” Tomorrow I'm buying an orchid orchid and removing the volume-less TV that was just sitting in the corner. 

Check back on Sunday for Week 2's progress update!

Update: My inspiration pic above has been used on the Fall Cure discussion thread over at Apartment Therapy. Fun!


T said...

I think I read apartment therapy. Or maybe I read a few pages of it and took it back to the bookstore. I love the Web site and concept though. Good for you for sticking with it. My apartment is beyond therapy. It needs a completely new identity. LOL!

LindsB said...

I love where you are going with this- you have such a blank slate that your makeover is going to look like you have a whole new room!

thatShortchick said...

you are so organized when it comes to taking on a decorating project! you've got some great ideas in store.

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