a SNEAK PEEK at the apartment #412 etsy store!

Hand knit zig-zag throw in green ombre effect.

Hand-carved vase with gold underlay - this is stunning.
When you look close there are peacocks and birds in the carvings!
Hershey kiss shaped glass container.
Totally chic holding small supplies on the desk, no? Or keys at the entryway?
Or rings on your armoire....

Vintage brass apple. Can use as a finishing accent or a paper weight...

Vintage hobnail milk glass vase with gold trim.
This is so pretty and would look beautiful with flowers.

Vintage brass tray. Can be used for mail at the entryway or on your desk.

I finally FINALLY found a vintage alabaster marble lamp! I've been keeping my eyes open for one.
I LOVE the veins!
(Blogged my love for them here and here.)
Debating whether to put this in the Apartment #412 Etsy Shop or not...

This is just a sneak peak at some of the items that'll be in my Apartment #412 etsy shop! (measurements and any markings will also be listed in the etsy description).

I'm really happy with the items and love them all. I would proudly display any of them in my apartment and it's been incredibly hard for me to decide what to open the shop with - I kinda wanna keep them all!

But I'd love to know what you think - thoughts?


Mandy said...

All of those things are incredibly beautiful! Love that you're going to open an etsy shop.

So Haute said...

So excited for your etsy shop! Such a great idea and you've found some amazing things!! Also super excited to live vicariously through you as you embark on your adventures in India!!!

kay* said...

@Mandy - Thanks! I love thrifting and since i'm moving well...this way i can still kinda shop....because the hunt is half the fun!

@So Haute - Thanks! I do hope you'll read along as I get ready for India and when I finally depart. It's going to be an adventure for sure!

shoppingaholic said...

You're coming to India! Woohoo!!

Ia ms orry if I missed you writing about it in your posts. but I am so happy that you'll be here.


gia said...

awesome stuff!! how would you ever mail that lamp? :)

jessica obrien said...

it's going to be an awesome store! can't wait. you're photography looks beautiful on the pieces. congrats.

Lauren said...

so beautiful!!! i love the items you've selected and totally get not wanting to part with the beauties!! :)

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