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I picked up some film from the lab that I should have picked up.........back in September. That's one of the fun things about film - sometimes you forget what you took pictures of so when you get it back it's like a surprise! In this case it was shots I took when I was in Ottawa for my volunteer training back at the end of August and despite my shutter button acting up and not always working when I wanted it to - I'm really pleased with the outcome. Some of them are slightly over/underexposed and some of them are not quite in focus (because of the fidgety shutter button) - but, for some of them, it adds to the picture I think.

I remembered that some of the shots I captured on film I also captured, albeit a slightly different view/angle, on digital. I thought it would be fun to post both so, hopefully, you guys can see the difference that I see between the two formats.



Film (underexposed)

Digital. (underexposed)

Film. (overexposed)

This isn't meant to be scientific or anything like that - I just thought since I had both I'd share both. In all fairness I had just received my new digital camera and was still getting the hang of it - so I used it in 'auto' for most of my trip. But, regardless, I think the differences are evident - no? Also - despite the difference I still adore my new digital camera...especially now that I'm shooting in manual with it.

So - to be clear - I love my digital AND film camera but they do give different results.

To see more of my shots on film click here.

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Jai Lyn said...

The second picture the one done with film is wonderful! Even the one that was underexposed with the gargoyle it adds to it to see the clouds like that and then a creepy gargoyle in shadow, it works.

Danielle Moss said...

GORGEOUS shots. I love them!

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