Tears + Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

I wanted to share a blog post that almost had me in tears and a newly discovered blog with all of you....

Jason, who I've mentioned before, of the blog These Roving Eyes is one of my favourite bloggers. His pictures and breathtaking and literally blow my mind (seriously Jason, can we please have a quick photography teaching session before I go to India...I'm SO serious?!) but even more beautiful, if that's possible, is Jason's writing.

He is, plain and simple, an amazing writer. A few weeks ago Jason wrote one of the most truthful, honest, and moving posts I have ever read on any blog. Ever. It was his coming out story. I read it with tears in my eyes. Not sad tears but hopeful tears. Because with all of the.....bullying going on with teens afraid to come out (and teens committing suicide because of this) I wished that each and everyone of them could read his post and know that things would be okay and things would get better. That one day the weight would be lifted and they too would take root. If you have a minute or two please give his post a read because it really is beautiful.

My next find is a wonderful new blog that when I stop by gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Lurve You is, in the authors own words, "a blog dedicated to love - fleeting love, true love, and everything in between." 

The posts are short & sweet and I can't stop by Lurve You and read a couple of posts without saying "awwwww." Who doesn't like getting that warm & fuzzy feeling?

Well, there they are folks. If you stop by either I'd love to know what you think!

(oh, and I recently did a post over on FIWL about why I'm going to India, what I'll be doing while I'm there & why India...if you're curious about the full story pop over and give it a read :)


Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Thanks for the love.
So appreciated.

lurve you said...

Thanks so much for including me in your finds!

Sitting In A Tree Kissing said...

Wow . . . two really great blogs. Both just lovely. Thank you.

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